Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

Modern bathroom performs a lot of functions. It serves as a room for washing, washing, storing cosmetics, various household trifles, which should always be at hand. Therefore, the design of the bathroom must meet all the needs of the owner. Do not forget about the aesthetics of the room, because it is here that the day begins and ends. The bathroom should be pleasing to the eye, contain all the necessary equipment, serve as a place for evening relaxation, have places to accommodate all the necessary. Combining all the functions in one room of an ordinary apartment is difficult only at first glance. Experts know: there are no uncomfortable bathrooms, there is an ill-conceived design. There are lots of techniques that will make the bathroom a favorite corner, where all the family members have a good time.

Redevelopment of a small bathroom: the beginning

Not everyone is lucky to have a large bathroom. Small houses, apartments of the old stock often have bathrooms that are not much larger than the box from the fridge.Small size brings some inconvenience, but wakes flight of fancy. The first thing that comes to mind is to add the cherished meters to the bathroom through redevelopment. To expand the room you will be helped by combining the bathroom with a toilet, you can move the wall or the entire bathroom. The current legislation imposes certain restrictions on the proposed restructuring. It is permissible to expand the bathroom only at the expense of non-residential areas of the apartment: toilet, corridor, storeroom. Any redevelopment begins with the project, which will provide for the location of communications, wiring. The project will need to be coordinated with government agencies. After coordination it is possible to start alteration. It is permissible to move not only the walls, but also the plumbing: bath, sink, toilet.

Blind in black and white square in the bathroomOriginal shelf in the bathroom Sink over the bathroom Orange bathroom floor Salad white bathroom design Spotlights in the bathroom

Finishing and materials

The main requirement for bathroom finishing materials is safety and durability. Although the law does not explicitly prohibit the use of any materials, it should be borne in mind that some elements of the finish may bring more difficulties than good. Natural stone significantly overlaps, and glass partitions are beautiful, but not reliable. Most popular finishes:

  • tile of porcelain stoneware, granite chips, synthetic polymers;
  • mosaic;
  • plastic panels;
  • tree;
  • decorative rock;
  • wallpaper;
  • moisture resistant drywall;
  • decorative plaster paint;
  • combined finish.

It is easy to care for these materials (including wood and wallpaper, if they have a moisture-resistant coating), and modern manufacturing techniques make it possible to embody the most daring interior solutions.

Patterns on the wall in the bathroomInteresting tile on the wall Red floor and white walls Stone in the bathroom Modern bathroom design Washing machine in the bathroom

Materials for flooring in the bathroom must be resistant to moisture, temperature changes, detergents, to be safe and durable. Under these criteria, many options are suitable, but each of them has its own characteristics.

Tile. Does not let the water through, just take care of it, when using high-quality grout will not cause problems. By choosing a tile of a certain style, you can completely transform the interior of the bathroom.

Picture on the wall

Parquet. Unusual, but elegant solution to the "sexual issue". It is worth choosing moisture-resistant breeds of a tree: tic, larch, wenge.

Bathroom with columns

Laminate. One of the most durable materials.

White bathroom furniture

Bulk floor. Fully waterproof, hygienic coating.

Sea on the bathroom floor

Before laying a new floor, it is necessary to dismantle the old coating, pay attention to waterproofing, make a screed. After that, you can use any materials.

Important! Try to choose a floor covering with a non-slip surface, otherwise the bathroom instead of the desired resting place will turn into a zone of increased danger.

Dolphin on the floor


Before choosing the style, materials, colors and textures of the bathroom wall to align. Alignment is done with moisture resistant plaster or drywall on a galvanized profile. With the use of drywall finishing will go faster, but it will select a lot of usable area. Alignment of surfaces with plaster is slower, it needs time to dry. The composition of the mixture containing anti-fungal components, will protect the walls from mold. Then you can tile the walls. If you plan to use wallpaper, paint or decorative plaster, after leveling the wall will have to putty. Suitable for the bathroom water-based paint acrylate or latex. Latex paint, unlike acrylic, creates a film on the surface that does not let water through.Acrylic paint is best not to apply near water sources. The fastest, budget option of finishing - the washing wall-paper with the glue containing antibacterial additives.

Bathroom mirrorsRed and black bathroom interior Dryer on the wall Backlit mirror Dolphins on the wall Spotlights in the bathroom


The bathroom ceiling must have the same qualities as the walls. It can be painted, covered with moisture-resistant wallpaper, chipboard panels with a special varnish or plastic, use a suspended or suspended ceiling. It is easy to wash all these surfaces, they are not afraid of condensate, temperature drops. The original option will be a mirror or stained glass ceiling. Glass coating can be decorated in many ways, equipped with lighting, turning it into an exclusive detail of the room. Frosted or glossy glass can be tinted, decorated with photo printing - the solution will fit into any interior style, visually enlarging the room. The only disadvantage of such a coating is its fragility. However, the same can be said about the stretch ceiling. The cloth is quite simply damaged by sharp objects, so you should be careful in the care.

Butterfly on the ceiling

It is important to know: if the walls are darker than the ceiling, then the room is visually stretched upwards.If the ceiling is darker than the walls, the room seems to be more spacious, but the ceiling seems lower than it actually is.

Black ceiling in the bathroomAir bubbles on the ceiling Ceiling with built-in lights Salad-white bathroom interior Dolphins on the ceiling Mirror ceiling

Bath or shower?

Ask yourself the question - which is more important: comfort or space saving? If it is not possible to answer unambiguously, then it is necessary to consider the features of both options. Do you need a bath if:

  • the area of ​​the room allows you to install it;
  • you cannot live without a bath with foam or aromatic salts;
  • you have children under 3 years old - it is more convenient to wash the baby in the bath;
  • high water consumption is not a problem.

Ladder bath

The shower cabin is useful when:

  • there is simply no room for a bath;
  • the water pressure in the apartment is more than 3 bar;
  • I want to take a whole range of water treatments, including a bath, tropical shower, aromatherapy and hydromassage.

Ideally, you can set up a bath and shower at home. In the first case, you will have the possibility of horizontal relaxation, in the second - saving water and bathroom space.

Shower and bathBathroom with wooden wall Original bathroom design Chic bathroom Painting backlit in the bathroom Lamps on the walls

Location of furniture, appliances, accessories

Modern bathroom design options provide hundreds of ways to place the necessary items. There is one general rule for small and large rooms: the bathroom should not be cluttered. All items is logical to choose in accordance with the footage.Miniature toilet and sink, which will be just a salvation in an apartment with a small bathroom, in a large room will not be entirely appropriate. Plumbing is better to have closer to the water supply, sewage. Plumbing, furniture, accessories should be combined with each other, creating a single style in the room. Do not forget about the section for storing household items. Wall cabinets with shelves can be placed not only on the walls - the doors also fit. The space under the sink can take a stand. The rest of the accessories, such as towel racks, should be placed in such a way that they are close at hand, without interfering.

Lockers on the wall

Sink and toilet

Tulip, moydodyr, cantilever - each of the shells has its advantages. The tulip resembles a flower with a leg, and pipes are hidden behind the leg. The design can be monolithic or separate. Sink-moidodyr similar to the character of the famous cartoon, it is equipped with a comfortable pedestal. Console models are a tabletop, which is mounted in the sink bowl. It can be wall or floor. To save space, you should choose the angular design. Shells are placed at a height of 85 cm.They vary in width - 50, 56, 65 cm and depth - 40, 42, 45 and 50 cm. The toilet can also be mounted to the wall or located on the floor - depending on the model. Toilet bowls have several varieties: funnel, dish-shaped, canopy. The first and third options almost do not give a spray, for the second one you may need additional adjustment of the water pressure in the tank.

Bathroom with a chic interiorBath mosaic Blue walls in the bathroom Tile under stone blocks in the shower Pictures over the bathroom Flowers on the walls


Washing machine in the bathroom is almost an unattainable dream for owners of small bathrooms. But manufacturers are doing everything possible to get the equipment into a small room. But even if the footage allows you to save space, determine in advance the area that you can allocate for a washing unit. It is advisable to install the machine away from the bath so that no water splashes onto it. Some have a typewriter under the sink, clean the niche when it is available, even manage to fix it on the wall above the toilet. Front-loading models will require extra centimeters to open the door. If you do not have extra space, choose a technique with a vertical load - it can be placed almost anywhere.The washing machine in a wet room needs a special outlet protected from moisture. It is important to take care of grounding.

Seashells on the wallLilac walls in the bathroom Blue bathroom design Shower with partition Wood in the bathroom Strict bathroom design

Cabinets and shelves

Bathrobes, towels, cosmetics, detergents - all this needs to be stored somewhere. Well, if the bathroom furniture combines a common style. In the catalogs you can find photos of entire furniture sets. But not always the area of ​​the bathrooms of an ordinary apartment allows you to find a place for them. Then the interior will have to pick their own. Cabinets can be floor, wall or with a non-standard location. Sink-moydodyr or curbstone, chest of drawers, a narrow high case or hanging sections are equally comfortable. The main thing is to have a place for their comfortable accommodation. Shelves are convenient shelves, they can be put or hung. Due to the absence of walls and doors, the design will add to the space of lightness, grace. Bathroom cabinets are pleased with a variety of models: they are angular, with one or two doors, with drawers, with a built-in dryer.

Lockers on the wallShelf in the wall Cabinet over the washing machine Bathroom mirror Shelves with light in the wall Stone in the bathroom


A mirror in the bathroom is not only a necessary thing, but also a design technique. The mirror surface visually adds to the size of any room, fills it with light, air.You can place a mirror anywhere: above the sink, on the door, just on a free wall - the main thing is for you to use it comfortably. In addition to the wall reflecting element in the frame or without, you can make a mirror wall, ceiling, use a mirror tile in the decoration or install a large floor mirror. An interesting solution is a cabinet with mirrored doors or reflective panels in the entire wall, creating the illusion of infinity space. You can make a composition on the free wall of mirror elements of different sizes - this is a good way to show imagination, decorate the room, create your own style. For a bathroom use only moisture-proof mirrors.

Photowall-paper in a bathroomMirror over the table Dryer on the wall Toilet closet Chandelier over the bathroom Roses on the bathroom wall

Laundry basket

A basket for laundry items is a useful item. She must be:

  • durable;
  • no chipping, sharp parts;
  • with ventilation.

Like other accessories, it should be in harmony with the interior, not taking up much space. The easiest option - a corner basket made of plastic. It is easy to clean, does not clutter up the living space. Cute and homely look wicker containers for linen, made of wicker,rattan or other natural materials. Metal baskets are beautiful, but have considerable weight - it is better to choose a design with wheels. There are accessories from textiles, but they need to be often ventilated, otherwise they will become a comfortable home for mold and fungi. Some bathroom furniture is equipped with stationary or retractable laundry containers, they are also convenient. You can make a basket with your own hands from the materials you like, using the instructions from a photo from the Internet.

Basket near the sinkBaskets under the sink Towels on the shelf Wicker baskets Bright basket in the shower Brown baskets


Lamps in the bathroom can bring into the room not only light, but also beauty. If the area of ​​the bathroom does not exceed 5 square meters. m, for its lighting enough one chandelier with a pair of lamps in the center of the ceiling. Highlighting may be needed in the area where the mirror is located. This will be an additional convenience when applying makeup. The spacious room allows you to make several types of lighting. In the interior use:

  • chandeliers;
  • Spotlights;
  • sconce

It is important that the room is lit evenly. Light sources should be placed at an angle to the glare surfaces. If the chandelier is traditionally placed on the ceiling, then the spot light elements can be positioned anywhere: on the ceiling, walls, sides of the mirror.Sconces are hung on the walls in places that need not only light, but also decorate. But it is better not to mount fixtures directly above the mirror - they will distort the reflection.

Pendant lights in the bathroomLights near the mirror Tiles with patterns in the bathroom Lamps in a row on the wall Wall decoration under the tree Built-in lights on the ceiling and floor

Choosing an interior style

The choice of style depends on your preferences and budget. But there are some general tips:

  • do not choose frilly furnishings and furniture, it quickly becomes boring;
  • do not mix a lot of styles - the room will look ridiculous;
  • Do not overload the space with a lot of things so as not to turn the premises into a flea market.

Think about what you expect from your bathroom. Depending on whether you need space for bliss and relaxation or a functional room, the style of the bathroom will also depend. Decide what colors you associate with relaxation or, on the contrary, vivacity. Think about what accessories, parts you want to have indoors. So it will be easier to determine the desired style. Its elements can be realized in any, even small bathroom. On the design of miniature rooms should stay in more detail.

Strict bathroom design

Modern style

The design of a modern interior is convenience, functionality, practicality.Here there is a place for a self-leveling floor, a tile with photos and drawings with a 3D effect, chrome-plated accessories, cost-effective contactless sanitary engineering. A standard or futuristic shower will be appropriate. For a small room suitable furniture with smoothed corners. Lighting is best left to point sources of light. An interesting design of a small bathroom can be created using light materials, optical effects, which are achieved using mirrors. Add colors will help juicy accents: indoor flower with large leaves, bright rug, towels, soap boxes of unusual shape, the composition of stones and shells, a photo or picture. The main thing is not to overload the interior with details. Two or three interesting objects will be enough.

Patterns on the windowStone tiles in the bathroom Towel dryer in the bathroom Wood furniture in the bathroom Bathroom with a chic interior Bath and shower in one room

Classic style

The immortal classic does not go out of style. To get an elegant bathroom interior and showcase a great taste, you can use dark wood, marble, its imitation, tile, gilding in the decoration. Screaming colors are unacceptable, all shades should be soft, no chrome and hi-tech - here they are not appropriate. Bath is better fit into the interior than a shower.We'll have to take into account the modest size of the bathroom and choose, for example, a sitz bath. Household appliances as much as possible to hide in a niche. Well, if on the wall there is a place for a nice sconce, a mirror in a beautiful frame. Not necessarily chasing expensive details. You can use wooden shelves and fittings with a coating resembling gold, copper or bronze. Complement the interior is an elegant curtain for the bath, plain towels and forged or wooden holders for them.

Mirror over the sinkPicture on the wall Wood furniture in the bathroom Patterns on the floor and walls Antique furniture in the bathroom Illuminated shelves and painting on the bathroom wall


Provence style will create a touching budget design bathroom. It is ideal for a small room, because the main burden falls on the details. Plumbing is secondary - the simpler the better. For decoration, you can use decorative plaster, mosaic, tile. There is an interesting creative technique: from various types of tiles, panels are created on the wall and floor. It is worth choosing a tile with a worn effect, which will help to create a habitable and cozy interior. It will be supported by wooden furniture, cabinets and shelves, painted in pastel colors: pale blue, pink, peach. Textiles with a floral print or other unobtrusive pattern will fill the room with an atmosphere of warmth and tenderness.Here are used compositions of dry herbs, scented candles, oil lamps, because smells are also an important part of the design. They help to relax, feeling the joy of being.

Aged bathroom furnitureFloor lamp next to the bathroom Wood in the bathroom White bathroom furniture Glass shower door Bright bathroom interior

This striking style originated at the junction of the industrial and the bohemian, taking the best from both directions. Embody an unusual bathroom design in a small square. Walls, floor, ceiling are made out deliberately rough. You will suit a tile imitating brick or masonry, plaster, wallpaper with a texture that resembles a cemented wall. On such an underground background, an ordinary toilet or washing machine will turn into art objects. A transparent shower will fit in here, glass is an indispensable attribute of a loft. Highlighting in the ceiling will support the urban style of the room. Removing the ceiling from the chandelier, leaving only the wire with a light bulb, you will not lose. Hiding water pipes is not necessary, they are part of the interior. And the accessories are not difficult to pick up: the same pipes will act as holders, and wire cages will be useful instead of shelves.

Brick and concrete wallsYellow towel warmer Bronze bath Original shower Unusual bathroom design Foot bath


The name speaks for itself. Nothing superfluous, in a small bathroom everything will be extremely comfortable and functional.Make the interior in this style is not as easy as it may seem. There are no special requirements for materials, but strict forms, minimum colors, modest accessories are obligatory. The classic palette of minimalism - white, black, gray. Plumbing should have angles and geometry, preferably square, rectangular shapes. Suspended equipment will save space, add volume to it. Decorative elements are not needed at all. Extreme lightness, freshness, freedom. Minimalism needs perfect cleanliness, almost sterility. The dusty vase in the Provence-interior will add to the atmosphere of romance, and the “dusty” minimalism - a sad sight. Textiles are not used in the design, maximum - towels and shower curtain, not conspicuous.

TV in the bathroomBath and shower Gray tile in the bathroom Original bath Stones near the bath Shower with glass doors

Scandinavian style

Despite the seeming simplicity with the severity of the lines, the Scandinavian style is one of the coziest. Natural materials are used mainly: wood, stone, fabrics of plant origin. The design is dominated by white color, dark shades are allowed in accents. They must be exclusively in the natural range.In such an interior is pleasantly located, it is easy to breathe, even if it is organized in a minimal space. It is in this style that a wicker laundry basket will look perfect. You can not save on lighting - one spotlights can not do. Laconic chandeliers, sconces are fine. You should choose curtains, towels, linen and cotton napkins. Textiles are permissible to diversify the Scandinavian ornaments of lines, snowflakes. When choosing accessories give preference to chrome valves, they can be futuristic design.

Trees on the wallWardrobe with towels in the bathroom Pictures on the wall near the shower Dresser with bathroom mirror White interior and wooden furniture Mirrors on the wall

Color solutions for a small bathroom

Small dimensions of the room significantly limit the scope for creativity. Express your personality will help you color. Previously, it was believed that the colors of the walls and the floor should not be the same. Traditionally in the design of the bathroom using a combination of warm and cold tones. Cold colors add volume, warm colors add comfort. Bright accents in the interior are interesting, but if they are large, they will visually take away a large part of the space. First of all, you should focus on your taste, given the preferences of family members.Children will certainly like juicy shades, but elderly parents are unlikely. Each color can have a serious impact on a person’s mood and well-being. If you wish, you can arrange the room in mono color. The most popular colors for the bathroom are white, gray, blue, green, black and white.

Orange and white bathroom interior


A room in white is the brightest among all other solutions. It will seem spacious with any footage. It would seem, everything is simple. Enough to pick up materials for decoration, equipment, furniture, snow color schemes - and the perfect room is ready. But there are pitfalls. It is important to make the room home-style, otherwise it will become like a room in a medical facility. The secret is in choosing the right decor. Having added a bright curtain or a rug, you will see absolutely not boring option. Textiles can be changed, each time getting a new result. An interesting effect is obtained if you play with shades of white. For example, paint the surface of the walls in ivory, and put a covering on the floor with a shade of eggshell. The ideal combination will be obtained only in the course of the experiment - the photos on the packages with paint often differ from reality.

Shelves on the wall in the bathroom


Gray is not a boring color at all. He has a lot of advantages.Neutral and non-gray gray of various shades can be the perfect backdrop for any creative ideas. Most often it is combined with white, but add deep blue to gray - you get a juicy stylish interior, a couple of graphite details - the situation will resemble a respectable room of an expensive hotel. In this regard, gray is more advantageous than white, it is more plastic, and for pearl tones it is completely perfect, but it has character. This allows you to easily create a luxurious bathroom interior. In addition, gray is a natural shade of stone and some types of wood, on which it is possible to play when decorating a bathroom in the Scandinavian or classic style. The main thing is not to forget about sufficient lighting, otherwise all efforts will have no effect.

Marbled bathroom walls


The sea and sky - the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of the blue bath. In fact, the niche in blue and its shades are much wider. Do you like maritime themes? Choose cyan in combination with white - one of the classic combinations. Appropriate focus will be a photo, a picture with a sea landscape. Blue "loves" ocher, sunny yellow, orange, own shades.Their use is true to a beautiful, cheerful bathroom. A little pink, for example, in the form of a rug - a strict dark blue room will acquire a gentle romantic fleur. And if gold is added to deep cobalt, an apartment of luxury and beautiful life will appear in the apartment. It is known that the blue palette soothes, gives confidence in their abilities, adjusts to a positive way, bringing feelings into complete harmony. And this is exactly what is needed in today's turbulent world.

Carpet in the bathroom


It is nice to admire her for hours. Summer fresh green will help to recreate the atmosphere of a forest lake right in the apartment. It is combined with white, with all the pastel palette: pink, peach, pale blue, pale lilac, soft yellow. Green - the energy of nature, which means life. Depending on the tone, it is able to help in the creation of any style; any fittings look advantageous against it. The bright color will add tenderness, dark - severity, respectability. Green is the color of peace, relaxation, pleasant bliss after a hard day. Green improves mood, normalizes the nervous system.With him, the most optimal plants play in the interior, because it is their native color. This technique can be used, having equipped a real winter garden in the bathroom. The only mistake that can be made when working with green is the use of only one of its shades.

Giraffes and grass on the walls of the bathroom

Black and white

Black with white is truly a sample of the style and elegance of a bathroom. With the right approach, it will resemble a photo of the royal apartments from the retro magazine. Using these two colors in variations of various shades, it is possible to achieve various results. Black and white only at first glance antagonists. In fact, they perfectly complement each other, long ago turned into a classic combination. Zebra, chess cage, peas - options that lie on the surface. This is an extravagant, but very stylish way to decorate the floor, one of the walls, pieces of furniture. Black can highlight some of the details in a white setting, place accents. Just a white pattern on a black background, or vice versa - an indispensable decorating technique. The remarkable combination is so self-sufficient that it does not need additional decoration with other colors.Nobody forbids them to use, but without additives the design will be solid, concise, complete.

Bathroom with black and white interior

Design in Khrushchev

Happy owners of these apartments know firsthand what the crampedness is. Hygiene corner, not exceeding 3.5 square meters. m., to call differently than a bathroom, the language does not turn. The more interesting becomes the task of the owner when choosing the design of the room. To "Gordian" bathroom has ceased to be a problem, you need:

  • choose light materials for decoration;
  • think about a compact, suspended, corner plumbing;
  • for storage, use the walls, equipping them with hanging or corner multi-storey shelves;
  • Do not save on mirrors, lighting.

Give the volume will help other visual techniques. For example, wide vertical stripes in combination with a narrow border on the wall. If desired, any corner can turn into a paradise nest. The main thing is not to lose optimism and not be afraid to experiment.

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  • Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples

    Bathroom design - 150 photo examples