Chain saw - a versatile tool

Chain saw - a versatile tool

Any person who has a household plot ordacha site, faced with the problem of sawing logs. It is not always convenient to make it with a hacksaw. In this case, the chain saw can become an excellent assistant to any owner.

If you decide to purchase such a tool,First of all, it is necessary to decide what for and where you will use it. For a significant amount of work is best suited benzo or electric saws. Despite the great external similarity, in their design there are some differences, relating mainly to motors.Chain Saw

Gasoline chain saw is autonomousA tool that requires a certain amount of fuel and lubricant. It works pretty well even in the coldest of frosts. Such a chain saw is indispensable where there is no possibility of using electricity. Its cost is slightly higher than electric, but the performance is higher.

If you work only in your own area,an electric chain saw will be a good helper. But you will need a long enough extension cord. The most suitable is an extension on the coil, which allows you to freely control the electrical cord.

There is a division of chain saws into classes. Professional tools are designed for long-term work. They are most often used by builders and loggers. They have higher technical characteristics, power and long service life. They are characterized by unpretentiousness in service. On sale there are more compact and light saws, designed to care for trees and other purposes. Such tools are very much appreciated by tourists, fishermen, hunters and landscapers. Professional tools have the highest cost.Chain saw (manual)

There is another class, no less popular,these tools. Semi-professional chain saw is a compromise option in terms of technical parameters and price. It is designed for regular work, but less intensive than for logging. Such tools are most often used by farmers and gardeners.

The household chain saw is used for sawinglogs for firewood. It has the lowest cost. Such a tool is used quite rarely and only for simple work, so manufacturers have simplified their design as much as possible, although there are expensive household saws with additional functions.

The cutting headset of any chain saw isdirectly the circuit itself, made of high-strength metal. It may have jointed or connected with the help of saw blades. In no case can the work be blunt-ended. Its state can be determined by the appearance of sawdust. In a normal chain, sawdust will be square and large, and in blunted form - shapeless and small. To sharpen the cutting headset use special files (flat, round) or grinding devices with a guide.

Pocket chain sawFans of hiking, hunting and fishing are increasinglyuse such a tool necessary in natural conditions, such as a chain saw manual. Tourists prefer it because of its compact size and weight, as well as ease of use.

Another name for this tool is the pocketchain Saw. It can be used alone and alone. It is best to use it for sawing dry wood with a moisture content of not more than 50%. The cutting chain is made of high-strength heat-treated steel.

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  • Chain saw - a versatile tool Chain saw - a versatile tool Chain saw - a versatile tool Chain saw - a versatile tool Chain saw - a versatile tool