ECG 10: Brief Overview

ECG 10: Brief Overview

As a rule, excavators are designed for boththe development of new quarries, and to work on existing quarries, which are mining operations. ECG 10 is no exception and has proven itself in the mining industry. Crawler excavator excellently copes with the tasks, even when working on angular surfaces.


eq 10

Specifications of ECG 10 allowUse this type of special equipment not only for mining, but also for loading operations. The excavator is able to lift heavy elements of concrete and metal structures used in the construction of industrial buildings and large structures. ECG 10 is most in demand in:

  • coal industry;
  • construction;
  • metallurgy;
  • ore industry.

Also, the excavator is indispensable in the transportation of heavy materials and in the leveling of the soil.

Power unit

The AC motor is located in the rear compartment of the body and has thyristor excitation. The maximum power of the transformer is 160 kW, and the network device - 1000 kW.

These power units activate the main mechanisms: bucket, steering, movement mechanism, lifting. The gearbox is missing.


ecg 10 specifications

The general parameters of ECG 10 are as follows:

  • bucket capacity - 10 m3;
  • bucket weight - 16 tons;
  • weight of excavator - 334 t;
  • the operating weight is 395 tons;
  • the maximum discharge height is 6.7 m;
  • the maximum working height of the bucket is 10.3 m;
  • the maximum radius at unloading is 14.5 m;
  • the maximum working radius of the bucket is 14.5 m;
  • the maximum reach of the boom is 13.8 m;
  • clearance under the platform - 2,7 m;
  • level of pressure on the surface (medium) - 166 kPa;
  • height of the structure - 8.6 m;
  • the maximum load-carrying capacity is 140 tons.


The excavator has a fairly spacious cabin,which provides a good overview, allowing the operator to observe what is happening around. A comfortable seat can be quickly adjusted using a stationary console. Working on ECG 10 is convenient and comfortable, as the cabin has excellent vibration and noise insulation. The excavator is equipped with a highly efficient heater that manages its immediate function even in severe frosts, as well as air conditioning in case of hot summer.


The amount of energy consumed by the excavatordirectly affect the operating conditions of ECG 10, as well as the type of work performed by him. For example, using this special equipment exclusively for mining and crushing ore with a mass of 2 tons, the excavator will spend approximately 2.9 kW / h.


The construction of the excavator consists of:

  • rotary platform;
  • running trolley;
  • bucket;
  • an arrow equipped with a pressure device;
  • rack mounted on two supports;
  • hilt.

operation ec 10

The swivel platform is mounted on a frame that has bridges on each side. In the rear part there is a counterweight unit. Also on the platform are:

  • transformer;
  • reducers of turns;
  • compressor;
  • winches;
  • directing mechanism.

Below the platform, an arrow winch is secured. Mechanisms and systems not mounted on the platform are closed with quick-release protective panels.

ECG 10 can be completed at willcustomer, for example, a hammer or a bucket with a large volume. And also easily upgrade to the model 8US, which differs equipment and has a small bucket, the volume of 8 m3.

Advantages and disadvantages

excavator ecg 10 photos

In the photo, the ECG 10 excavator impresses with its dimensions. But despite the apparent awkwardness, this metal giant has such virtues as:

  • comfortable and spacious cabin;
  • Adjustable electric drive for the main units and units;
  • automatic lubricant supply to the working units;
  • adjustable track tension;
  • individual drive for caterpillars, which provides a low-load operation of the excavator;
  • high level of dynamic stability due to the compressor and hydraulic cylinders;
  • The stabilization of the force (when lifting the ladle with the load) occurs automatically;
  • most of the parts are made of high-strength steel;
  • effective braking system (pneumatic);
  • high performance;
  • the bottom of the bucket does not touch the handle;
  • maintainability of the elements of the caterpillar mechanism.

Having a rather large list of advantages, this excavator has only one drawback. To transport such special equipment over long distances it is necessary to spend a lot of time.

Price policy

ECG 10 - an expensive pleasure that canto allow a fairly large enterprise. The price for a new unit varies between 13-16 million rubles. The cost directly depends on the equipment. The used excavator, which is in excellent technical condition, can be purchased for 4-5 million rubles, while you get a model released at the end of the last century. For a "fresh" car will have to give about 9-10 million rent is also not cheap. 6 hours of working time costs about 50 thousand rubles.

Despite its high cost, the excavator is in demand, because it quickly justifies the invested funds.

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  • ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview ECG 10: Brief Overview