English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty

English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty

As in France, breakfast is usually served freshcroissants, so in the UK they drink morning coffee with skins. These are traditional English biscuits. They must necessarily be high, airy, with a golden crust and snow-white crumb. Skins are an integral part of British national cuisine. So there are a lot of recipes for this delicious baking.

Usually buns are made sweet. But there are recipes with cheese, cottage cheese and onions. Fillings can be very different: with cinnamon, chocolate, jam, raisins, poppy seeds. Skins are served not only for breakfast, but for tea, for the obligatory ceremony of "fayf o-klok ti". If buns without a filling, they must be butter and some jam (conservative British prefer strawberry or blackcurrant). Like croissants in France, in England, cattle are sold at any grocery store. Factory buns are edible, but they do not cause special enthusiasm among gourmets. It is better to try them in tea confectioneries, the so-called "ti-room". Or bake yourself. How? Below are the main recipes.Skins recipe

How to Feed the Skins

For breakfast, these ruddy buns with a crispycrust can be consumed with coffee. But there is a certain Devonian ritual, when the cattle are served for tea. On a special table put not only rolls and a fragrant drink. Mandatory components of such tea drinking are whipped cream and thick, non-spreading jam (preferably strawberry, but you can also orange). Buns are served hot or at least warm. According to etiquette, you need to break through. One half to take in the left palm. Knife in the right hand should be smeared on the crumb jam, and then - cream. All this is washed down with fragrant freshly brewed tea.

Classic cattle without stuffing

Do not like oven buns, because it's long andlabor-intensive? Probably, the British housewives are in solidarity with you. Therefore, they developed a very simple recipe for buns. Classic skins can be prepared in just half an hour (this is taking into account the baking process). And even the youngest student can cope with this. That's why the skins are served hot for breakfast. Prepare them a little more difficult than an omelet. So, let's begin.

Immediately turn on the oven for 190aboutC, and baking pans baking paper. In one bowl, we mix 260 g of flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, 50 g of granulated sugar and a pinch of salt. Add 75 g of cold butter. All chopped into a crumb with a knife or with a blender. In the second bowl, we will egg the egg with a fork, dilute it with 120 ml of cream (or fatty milk). Let's add a spoonful of vanilla extract. The liquid mass will be poured into the loose mixture. Quickly knead the dough. We will roll it into a layer on the surface covered with flour. A mold (or a regular glass) will cut out mugs. Put them on a baking sheet. We will grease the scions with cream. Bake about a quarter of an hour until golden. A toothpick is checked for readiness. Let's cool it on the grate.A simple recipe for rolls

Scones according to the ancient recipe

The name of the rolls speaks of their Scottishorigin. The word schoonbrood simply means white bread (schoon - "clean"). Lean Scots used even peas for flour. Therefore, white wheat bread was eaten on holidays. First, the sconces presumed to be fried in oil, like donuts. But when everywhere began to use the baking powder for the dough, buns began to bake. In Ireland, traditionally, they continue to use potato starch. Such scouts are called Irish Soda Farls. They are made unsweetened. The recipe is very similar to the previous one. Only in flour do not add sugar. The egg must be beaten with a mixer, so that it doubles. Only then we pour in the milk. We knead, roll out, cut out a roll of brioche. Lubricate the top of the products with egg yolk, diluted with a spoonful of milk. Bake at 150 degrees for half an hour.Skins with raisins

English Skins: recipe with raisins

In Foggy Albion, Scottish pastrieswas modified into a dessert. As we already mentioned above, buns are often cooked sweet. Possible fillings, but this is rare. More common option is to add in the dough of various ingredients - cinnamon, poppy, pieces of chocolate or dried fruit. Let's prepare the skins with raisins. Making such buns is easy and simple.

First of all, we will fill with boiling water half a glassraisins. When the water cools down, rinse well the swollen berries and leave to dry on a towel. Raisins, as is known, have the property of thinning the dough. Dry ingredients are mixed, as indicated in the first recipe. The proportions are as follows: for two glasses of flour we take four tablespoons of sugar, one - baking powder, a pinch of salt and 75 grams of cold butter, which is quickly three. Eggs on this recipe should not be put. Instead of it we mix half a glass of milk with four spoons of fatty sour cream.

Fill this mixture with dry ingredients. Stirring. Raisins pour a small amount of flour, add to the test. It will turn out viscous, roll it out there will be no possibility. Tear off pieces, form balls, put on parchment, flatten. Lubricate the top with milk (you can add yolk to it) and sprinkle with sugar. Stove at 200aboutAbout a quarter of an hour.For tea

Skins with chocolate

This is the simplest recipe for buns. The most difficult thing in it is to break into pieces small stogram standard chocolate bar without fillers (black or dairy, of your choice). With solid ingredients we proceed according to the classical recipe. Mix half a glass of flour with fifty grams of sugar. Add two teaspoons of baking powder for the dough. Three hundred grams of cold butter. Knead the dough and sprinkle chocolate in it. And then simply add one third of a glass of orange juice! We knead, divide the dough into balls. We lay the scaffolds on a baking sheet, laid with cooking paper. And bake for a quarter of an hour at 190 degrees.Bread rolls

Cottage cheese cattle

A recipe for Scottish or Irish rollsinvolves the use of not only wheat flour. We mix it (one hundred grams) with half a glass of instant oat flakes or bran. Add half the teaspoon of salt and sugar. We put powder for biscuits or soda. Three 50 g of cold butter. We knead all the ingredients in a crumb. One hundred and fifty grams of cottage cheese is carefully mixed with a spoonful of paprika. If desired, you can add chopped dry herbs. If the cottage cheese is too dry, we brew it with two tablespoons of milk or sour cream. Quickly knead the dough. Let him rest for about twenty minutes so that oat flakes swell. After that, roll out, cut out the mugs and put them on a baking tray. Such a sconce recipe prescribes a stove in a preheated to two hundred degrees oven for about twenty minutes. They serve them hot, and not just for tea. They can bite the broth.Skins with cheese

Cheese cows

We begin to act, as in the very first recipe. Instead of sugar, put half the teaspoon of black and hot red pepper. Add the cold oil and chop everything small with a knife. Now three in this dough is fifty grams of hard cheese. Add three feathers finely chopped green onions. Pour an incomplete glass of buttermilk, yogurt or yogurt. It is not recommended to mix the dough for a long time - it hardens from this, and the cattle with cheese will turn out to be biscuits. We spread the bun on the flour-poured surface and roll it into a layer one centimeter thick. Cut the mugs, put them on the parchment so that they do not touch each other. Lubricate the egg, sprinkle with large salt or sesame. We put in a preheated oven and cook at 200aboutIn about twenty minutes.

Skins with stuffing

Occasionally you can find such buns. Skins are made with such stuffing, which does not very dilute the dough. Take three or four apples, cut the peel, cleanse from the fruit boxes. Flesh thawed, mix it with sugar and cinnamon. We knead the classic sweet dough for the cattle. We tear off a piece from a kolobok, we knead it in hands in a flat cake, we put a spoon of a stuffing, we turn again in a ball. These buns are baked in a preheated oven at 190 degrees for half an hour. You can not bother with the filling, but just to mix the apples with the dough.British Shepherds

Honey scapes

Everything is clear. Dry ingredients and oil are taken in the same proportions as for sweet British cattle. We knead the fingers of the baby. In another bowl we connect two hundred grams of yogurt and 60 g of honey. The dairy product can be anything: neutral, with fruit additives, with bran. Buns will reflect the taste and aroma of yogurt. Although honey also plays a role. Unlike all previous recipes, this dough needs long mixing. We roll it into the bed. We make up three times. We roll out again. Cut the buns. Bake them in a hot oven at 220 degrees for about ten minutes.

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  • English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty English scones-scones: recipe. Simple and tasty