Farm building in the country

Farm building in the country

At the cottage, the plot we want to be closer to nature. To achieve this goal, many people plant a garden, berries, plant beds for growing vegetables, greenery, grow favorite gardens and ornamental plants in front gardens.

Works in a garden, a kitchen garden, care of the territory, service of the house are impossible without use of special garden and construction tools, fertilizers, building materials, various stock. These items need to be stored somewhere, so soon before the beginning gardeners the question arises, what to build farm buildings on the plot. What solutions exist on the market today, what advantages, disadvantages of various garden houses, cabins, barns - this will be discussed in this article.

House buildings - photo and description

Fans of gardening often acquire various tools that help to perform the necessary work in the garden plots. What household buildings are necessary for their storage?

Sheds, cabins - ideal storage facility:

  • garden tools,
  • mechanical equipment to facilitate garden work,
  • land
  • fertilizer
  • seedlings.

These buildings help to maintain order in the garden, keep everything in its place, easily, quickly find the necessary accessories. They protect inventory from:

  • the rain
  • ultraviolet radiation
  • the winds
  • pets,
  • children,
  • theft.

You can build a bungalow yourself, there are various projects of household structures or buy a ready-made house. The selection of ready-made garden houses is huge. You can choose models from:

  • wood,
  • metal,
  • plastic
  • glass,
  • bricks.

Their price varies depending on the material size. Consider different options.

Plastic garden house

Country change houses from plastic - the universal, very convenient decision. Products made of high quality plastic, often with imitation of the structure of natural wood. In order to increase the resistance to water, it is desirable to impregnate plastic walls.

Advantages of a plastic garden house:

  1. simple installation - it is easy to install, even alone, at any time to move to another location;
  2. plastic resistant to sunlight, adverse weather conditions;
  3. impermeable to water;
  4. one of the cheapest options, which is important in a limited budget;
  5. retain color, shape;
  6. serve for a relatively long time;
  7. walls made of plastic are much easier to clean, just wash them with a mild detergent and water;
  8. designs practically do not require maintenance, do not require time-consuming procedures (painting, varnish);
  9. The natural, universal colors of the walls are perfectly combined with any architectural structure in the garden.

Doors usually have bolts and hinges for padlocks, allowing you to protect the contents from theft. Often the houses are equipped with ventilation holes that provide the necessary air circulation, protection from moisture.

A photo. Farm buildings made of plastic for the backyard

Wooden barn

Wooden barn looks more attractive. The wooden house is not only functional, but also an impressive and interesting decoration of the infield.


  • esthetic, elegant appearance;
  • creates favorable conditions for the storage of plants, cuttings, seedlings - wood absorbs moisture when it is too much in the air, and gives up when the air becomes dry.


  • is more expensive than plastic;
  • requires regular impregnation, protection from moisture, dirt;
  • Roofing materials (roofing felt, tile, slate) are used for the roof, which must be periodically repaired.

Usually wooden cabins made of coniferous wood. When buying, one should pay attention to whether the product is impregnated or whether it is necessary to immediately impregnate the wood with protective compounds, varnish and paint. Coverage needs to be updated as needed, but not less than every 2 years. Wood is a living material, natural conditions affect its safety, service life. The change in color, wood structure depends on the conditions in which it is located.

Installation of the house is carried out in accordance with the instructions attached to the product, usually does not cause problems. Two able-bodied men are able to put a house in one day. The wooden shed is ideal as a storage room for tools, bicycles, other equipment.

A photo. Farm buildings from a tree for a personal plot

Steel Shelter

A common garden house is a structure made of high strength profiled metal sheet with a wall thickness of 0.22-0.35 mm.All exposed parts are painted with high quality polyester paint. This is a great place to store:

  • garden tools,
  • tools,
  • garden furniture.


The advantages of steel construction:

  • does not require a lot of space
  • saves garden space
  • timeless and simple design.
  • simple installation - installation is carried out on a flat surface (preferably concrete, concrete pavement, wooden, metal frame).

A photo. Metal change house for giving

Choice of household construction project

When choosing an option for a backyard construction, several parameters should be considered:

  1. the size,
  2. roof device,
  3. ventilation,
  4. drains,
  5. accessories,
  6. functions,
  7. installation.

Consider them in more detail.

The size

It is important to consider that it is planned to store in the dog house, as it will be used. Small garden houses are suitable for storing inventory:

  • lawn mowers
  • garbage cans
  • small tools.

Large outbuildings can play the role of living space, providing not only a place to store tools, but also an object for rest. There are options of cabins, consisting of several rooms. How to choose a size?

  • to accommodate all the tools, including lawn mowers, you can choose a house of 6-8 square meters;
  • the construction of a larger area (10-12 square meters) will be large enough to store furniture, to hide during a shower.

A photo. Household sheds for summer cottage - from a small cabinet for several tools to a large house, which serves as a place to rest

Roof, gutters

Attention should be paid to the roof, which should be single or gable, facilitating the removal of snow, leaves, debris. In the case of wooden sheds, it is important that the roof be able to withstand the wind, changing weather conditions, protect tools, other things from moisture.

An important element is the gutters-drains that protect the bungalow from water ingress into unwanted places where moisture can cause metal corrosion and wood rot.

Ventilation, accessories

Equally important is proper ventilation, especially if the storehouse stores:

  • chemicals
  • fuel,
  • fertilizer.

House building types can have many additional practical elements:

  • floor;
  • a terrace;
  • window with window sill;
  • shelves, shelves for storing tools - the space under the wall can be used to place shelves, racks;
  • shovels, rakes, spades can be placed on special hooks;
  • more massive brackets are used to store lawn mowers, chainsaws, folding chairs, this will help maintain order, will save space for other accessories;
  • you can buy, make your own special stand for long instruments;
  • boxes made of plastic, wood - a practical way to store fertilizers, chemicals, a variety of small garden tools - pruners, scissors, panicles.

A photo. Cabinets, accessories for storing tools in cabins


Garden house can perform a number of functions:

  • the place of storage of the instrument;
  • workshop;
  • smaller cabins are used as a garden tool shed;
  • large farm buildings are suitable for storing bikes;
  • some houses contain a toilet.


Buying a ready house is important to present:

  1. who will gather it
  2. how to prepare the foundation, the foundation.

Not all models are designed for self-assembly. You can order the house assembly service by professionals, as well as its implementation from scratch in accordance with your own project and needs. Building a house is not a difficult task; it is much easier to do work with an assistant.

A photo.Installation of wooden houses-cabins in stages


Maintaining order in the garden, on the plot is possible if there is a building that can accommodate all the furniture, tools, accessories. Outbuildings - an important element of the garden architecture on the plot. There are many options, if it is a finished garden house, the choice should be considered from the point of view:

  • size,
  • accessories,
  • functions,
  • materials,
  • manufacturer.

Choosing a project of outbuildings on the plot, you need to take into account the price, functionality, aesthetics.

Farm building in the country images, pictures

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