Fashionable tile 2018

Fashionable tile 2018

Apartment decoration is a pleasant but complicated art. Well thought out, friendly decor will allow us to feel comfortable for many years.

Fashion is changing quite quickly, designers and architects offer us interesting novelties every season, some of which become real hits.

What are the trends in interior design, how will the fashionable tile of 2018 look, what patterns, textures will be popular - this will be discussed in this article. We have selected some of the most important, impressive trends in interior design, in which you can look for inspiration for more than one season.

Trends of ceramic tiles 2018

Ceramic industry should take into account changing stylistic trends, bearing in mind that the buyer needs a product that he does not get tired of after a few months. For this, architects and designers watch the industry, take part in international exhibitions, seek inspiration in various fields.

Here are a few trends that deserve consumer attention:

  1. stone inspirations;
  2. natural motifs;
  3. textured design;
  4. large format;
  5. geometric patterns;
  6. minimalism;
  7. surfaces that mimic metal and fabric;
  8. concrete imitation;
  9. mirror surfaces;
  10. patchwork.

Consider them in more detail.

Stone inspirations

Stone inspires designers almost always. It attracts, first of all, its solidity and restraint - both in terms of color and design. Fashionable ceramic tiles for the bathroom 2018, imitating the texture and pattern of a natural stone, also look good in the company of colorful decorations. Thanks to the additions, you can quickly update the composition with minimal cost. It is enough to replace curtains, tablecloths, towels in the bathroom and the interior acquires a completely new character.

Natural motives

Not long ago, the motives of nature fascinated lovers of good design. This year's proposals are not significantly different from current trends. In addition, this trend will increase next year. In addition to the plants, in the interiors are also invited representatives of the wild nature.

Neutral and soothing colors, such as beige, brown and gray, are still at the top of popularity.The trend towards nature is clearly marked in a large number of tiles that mimic wood and natural stones.

This offer is for people who lead an ecological and harmonious lifestyle. Motifs taken from nature should be used as a background for seasonal decorations: flowers, textiles, colorful bird figures or posters with mysterious forest animals.

Interesting solutions can be made of mosaic, with which an image is reproduced on a wall. The plot can be unique, made to order according to the sketch of the client.

Textured design

The design of tiles with an unusual texture is a trend that will be offered by manufacturers for a long time. Technological development has allowed in recent years to create patterns in three dimensions. Any bulges, grooves will create a new chapter in the history of design. The fashion for textured tiles probably will not disappear. This trend will continue and develop in the coming years.

Next year you should pay attention to the ceramics with a texture reminiscent of:

  • the cloth;
  • a natural stone;
  • tree;
  • with modern geometric patterns.

Geometric patterns

Manufacturers also pay much attention in the coming year to three-dimensional surfaces and geometric patterns. Triangles, squares, hexagons, fantastic flowers - recently dominate the most fashionable arrangements. Among the enthusiasts of geometric melange there are also bathrooms.

Hexagons are an absolute geometric necessity! Cellular tiles are ideal for bathroom interiors - they add style and break the “square” cliche. Hexagonal variations can have different sizes, colors and patterns. Therefore, you can choose a small mosaic or large formats, rainbow or monochrome options, smooth honeycomb tiles or decorated with fancy patterns.

The classic rhombus boldly fights the hexagon for the title of king of geometric combinations. As it turned out, there is great potential in this simple, inconspicuous figure!

If you do not like non-obvious solutions, and geometric patterns with a flat structure - they carry too little extravagance, you can choose models with an asymmetrically convex surface. Such compositions create an amazing three-dimensional mosaic on the walls,thanks to which the rooms become deeper and appear more visually large. Here plays an important role the play of light and shadows.

Geometry is not necessary to place only in modern interiors! An interesting alternative is the game of geometric shapes in stylized arrangements.

Large format

The innovative approach of manufacturers allows not only to create 3D-projects, but also more and more large formats of ceramic tiles. Thanks to them, the interior acquires an exclusive and stylish character. Choosing such a unique solution, you should correctly represent it in the interior. It is impractical to play with flowers and excessive decoration of rooms. The big format is a soloist on which all attention should be focused. On large planes, the pattern of a stone or natural wood can be most beautifully represented.

Large-scale formats are definitely characterized by the most fashionable floor tiles of 2018. This is the future hit of popular technological and design trends. Sizes of plates can reach 119 × 239 cm.


Minimalism will never go out of style. The raw design allows you to freely shape the character of the interior thanks to the decorations and colors, while maintaining order and mature elegance.This style is appealing to people who want to express themselves and at the same time create a universal space in which everyone will feel good.

In 2018, minimalist tiles will be combined with a cozy atmosphere and natural accents. The interior will feature natural, untreated wood, fabrics with a pronounced structure and floral elements.

Surfaces that mimic metal and fabric

An interesting trend is metal surfaces - in the form of shiny parts on tiles or entire collections that imitate the texture of old metal.

A cozy atmosphere will create in the bathroom or in the kitchen tiles, imitating the texture of the fabric.

The tile imitating concrete

It is difficult to organize industrial, atmospheric lofts without introducing a certain amount of raw, rough finishing materials into them. This function can be fully performed with concrete imitation tiles. This offer is for people who want to create stylish and modern arrangements without facing the difficulties associated with the use of composite materials. There are many reasons for the implementation of ideas with imitation concrete.

Fans of eco-style solutions can successfully use concrete-like slabs in the living room. Ecological floor of concrete imitation tiles is an offer for people who appreciate nature and simplicity. The material will emphasize the beauty of accessories and design elements, referring to the ecological style and the natural world. It will work great in combination with a tree and green plants.

In the kitchen, the concrete surface of the floor will be non-slip, such materials are resistant to sliding, effectively ensuring comfortable conditions for using the room. The floor will perfectly fit into modern, modernist arrangements and emphasize the charm of industrial solutions in the interior.

It will look good fashionable tiles in the bathroom 2018, imitating concrete. If you plan to decorate the bathroom in a modern way and decorate it with elements inspired by geometric shapes, then imitation of a concrete floor will be a good solution. It will successfully decorate not only the characteristic and modernist stylization, but also classical and eclectic.

Mirror tile

Interesting new ceramic tiles for 2018 are mirrored models.In the coming year, such a surface will gain popularity. It is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and even for the decoration of certain sections of the walls of the living room or bedroom. Mirror ceramics will be a godsend for fans of interiors in the style of glamor. Such a surface will reflect light, thereby visually increasing the space. This is a great choice for small rooms. The range is quite large and includes many models of different colors and formats.

Collections can be complemented by glass mosaics with an interesting structure and avant-garde colors, sparkling with thousands of colors. Their characteristic feature are also uneven edges and irregular surface of the elements. The mosaic fits perfectly with minimalist and modern interiors. Combining them with simple tiles, we enliven the rooms, emphasizing their original and timeless design.

The use of glass tiles in the kitchen is justified by the fact that it is easy to clean. It is resistant to grease and lime contamination from drying out water. For daily care and maintenance, standard glass cleaners and regular fabrics are sufficient.


Collections of tiles laid in the patchwork technique or patchwork are still popular. Who remembers today that this style was created as a result of a lack of money for the purchase and laying of tiles? Currently, few people associate such a technique of laying with the history of its occurrence. Many manufacturers offer collections with a pattern of patchwork in one form or another.

In some collections tile has the same format, but different patterns.

There are collections where only the decor is made using the patchwork technique.

Others offer a mosaic with different patterns on individual cubes or whole tiles, the surface of which is decorated with a pattern that creates the impression of several smaller tiles arranged next to each other in a mosaic with patchwork.

At the same time, fewer patchwork tiles are seen at exhibitions compared to how popular they have been in recent years.

What colors will be in fashion?

The Pantone Institute, the world's largest authority on flowers, chose an intense shade of violet, Ultra Violet, for the 2018 color. How can he look on a tile?

After a lush green period, it is time for an intense, plum and violet hue.The color of Ultra Violet is a strong, deep shade that is definitely closer to the present than the color of this year's Greenery. Of course, any shades of purple will add character to the room. Unlike rich greenery, which is relatively easy to implement in many arrangements, introducing purple into interior design can be quite a challenge.

For more than ten years at the turn of October and November, Benjamin Moore, an American manufacturer of legendary paints, represents the color of the year. In 2018, they became the shade Caliente AF-290

Strong, radiant, full of energy. This is a bright signature of the masterpieces of modern architecture. He gives vitality red! Color may appear in the bathroom and in the kitchen in the form of ceramic wall cladding.

You should not use it on large areas, but as a decor, it will become a very stylish contrast and fashionable addition.

As mentioned above, the natural colors of the earth will still be in fashion. Natural shades of gray, white, black and brown are the perfect backdrop for elegant and subtle arrangements.

Making the rooms is quite a challenge even for an experienced designer.In interior design it is necessary to maintain stylistic consistency and at the same time take care of the comfort and functionality of users. In addition, it is worth to be aware of fashionable new products and the latest trends in the field of interior design. In order for the interior to be fashionable and at the same time harmonious, it is necessary to skillfully combine in one room fashion trends, features of the room and take into account the tastes of homeowners.

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