Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity

"Fictional writer" Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity

Sazonov Eugene - a fictional prose writer, writer,writer. This personality in the literary life of the twentieth century came about thanks to the creative team of the then popular newspaper Literary Life. It was a new and unusual version of Kozma Prutkov, who was also a fictional writer, but very popular in the nineteenth century. Only a new image was created during the Soviet period.

The appearance of a fictional writer

For the first time excerpts from the novels of Yevgeny Sazonov becameprint "Literary Gazette", and then the reader learned about this unusual writer. This happened on January 4, 1967. The first published excerpts by Yevgeny Sazonov were the chapters from his novel The Stormy Stream.

For almost ten years in this newspaperpublished chapters from this novel, as well as his other works. For example, some details of the biography of a fictional writer, his portrait, memories and even excerpts from a notebook.

Biography of the unusual writer Yevgeny Sazonov

Some details of the biography, which were published in Literaturnaya Gazeta, pointed to Eugenia Sazonova as a truly real and existing person.

It is known that Sazonov Eugene was born in the cityBaranius the Horn in 1936. His grandfather all his life was an auxiliary worker, and his brother, who also called Evgeny, is a creative person. He painted one picture, where he painted a writer in a field next to a tractor and with his unfinished novel.

Sazonov Eugene

In 1954, he graduated from 10 classes. As it was placed on the pages of the newspaper, after school he had one triple in the certificate, but two medals: he received the gold for winning the race with hurdles, and the second medal was also for the sport, but only silver. The fictitious writer went to the Literary Institute four times, but could not pass the entrance exams.

There is an unusual writer and family. With his first wife, he met in the park, and on December 31, 1968, he married her. In this marriage, Eugene was born. But this alliance quickly disintegrated.

His first poem Sazonov Eugene wrotein three years. For his novel "Stormy Novel" an unusual writer received the Nobel Prize. In his own way he even translated the "Divine Comedy", which in his translation was called "Jehovah hell." He held a readers' conference with students of the University of the Count of Luxembourg.

The writer Sazonov even had his disciples: Ilya Toporishchin, Vladlen Zamursky and Vadim Ugorelykh.

The present authors

The first real author who conceived to createsuch a "fictional" writer, became Mark Grigorievich Rozovsky, who was known as a playwright and theater director. He is also the founder of the club "Twelve Chairs". Another co-author of this character in the literature was Vitaliy Borisovich Reznikov, who was an employee of the editorial board of the Literary Gazette.

"Literary Newspaper"

Included in this collective of the Literary Gazette,who came up with this image and his work and the following writers and poets: Vladimir Lifshits and Vladimir Volin, Vladimir Vladin and Vadim Levin, Vladlen Bahnov and Nikita Bogoslovsky.

Literary activity of the writer Yevgeny Sazonov

An unusual writer was able to write and publishmany works. Among them is the novel "Stormy Stream", the real author of which is Mark Rozovsky. The author of the verse cycle "Mathematics" is a writer and parodist Vladimir Volin.

Sazonov Eugene wrote and essays. The real author of the essay "The Wedding of the Century" is Vladimir Vladin. Children's poems were written by Vadim Levin. The collection "Razuminy" belongs to Vladlen Bahnov, and "Parisian silhouettes" - to Nikita Bogoslovsky.

Fictional writer

In the created image, all real authors wantedshow those negative features that were inherent in the Soviet writer: false pathos, the creation of similarities of epic works, wrong, and sometimes even a false description of the human character.

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  • Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity Fictional writer Yevgeny Sazonov: biography and creativity