Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds

Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds

Today, a fresh wedding tradition is in vogue -to give gifts to the guests of the ceremony. But how to please all at once and not spend a fabulous amount of money at the same time? The wedding certificate will help to solve the problem. These small gifts will leave warm memories in the hearts of the guests. Photo of comic wedding certificates for the newlyweds and guests and the options for registration are discussed in the article.

Wedding certificate


The wedding certificate has not lost itsclassical purpose. He gives the right to a service or a gift from the young and indicates the time when he can be used. It can be a shopping trip with a bride or fishing with the groom. Everything depends on the circle of interests of newlyweds and guests, as well as the themes of weddings and fantasies.

When to give

Wedding certificates for guests can be donatedfor participation in competitions, and also to organize special nominations for those who do not like to participate in quests. For example, for a beautiful dance, or the best congratulation, children's certificates for participating in a holiday for the youngest.

Than to supplement

A wedding certificate can be given as aan independent gift, and with the addition in the form of sweets, other sweets, chupa-chups, and for parents it will be appropriate to pripodnesti medals and diplomas of the best moms and dads.Wedding certificates for guests

A few words about the rules

Wedding certificates for guests must meet certain requirements, namely:

  1. The accessory should be suitable for the wedding theme or at least be interestingly designed.
  2. Hilarious wedding certificates for the newlyweds can not contain vulgar jokes.
  3. The inscriptions should not be offensive to the invited.

About paper

The first thing that the guests will pay attention to will not bethe inscription itself, and the paper, or rather, the sensation of touching it. Therefore, do not save too much on registration and choose the cheapest. Poorly selected material can spoil the whole evening. Types of paper that are not ashamed to use:

  • "EcoLux" - it is distinguished by its relief and softness. Paper handmade with a large selection of shades.
  • "Kraft" - textured with large pores. It differs by its friability, so it is very interesting to paint it.
  • "Papelic" - this type of paper is often used by decorators. Visually looks like a paper-like material.
  • "Tishyu" is a paper of fine structure.
  • "Mulberry" - its distinctive feature in the structure. It looks like thin threads. Natural and prepared from banana or rice.

Wedding certificates for guests template

How to sign?

Several variants of signatures of comic wedding certificates for guests:

  • Certificate for a young dinner prepared.
  • On a joint trip to the cinema, to an exhibition or a concert.
  • On the permission to give nothing to the groom or the bride on his birthday.
  • A certificate that entitles the guest to the first to see a young child.
  • A bottle of champagne from the groom.
  • Slow dance with the bride.
  • A certificate that gives the right to the groom's friends timesin 3 months to invite a young man to "men's events" - hunting, billiards, fishing, watching a football match in the sports bar, without asking permission from the bride.
  • A certificate that guarantees the receipt of a gift from a wedding trip.
  • For tea and sweet in a young house.
  • On arrival to visit the young without an invitation.
  • A certificate that allows the owner to make a unique photo with the young.
  • For a guaranteed dinner and a place on the couch any day, regardless of the reasons.
  • On a hike in the sauna, bath at the expense of the young.
  • A document giving the holder the right to participate in an additional competition.
  • To tasting home-made pie.
  • To receive the second portion of a hot dish.
  • On a kiss on the cheek of the bride.
  • For the biggest and tasty piece of wedding cake.
  • A certificate that ensures that young people wash the guest's car together.
  • Free breakfast on a trip to the cafe together with the young.
  • A certificate that allows the guest to leave his slippers in the home of the newlyweds.
  • On a country trip.
  • A certificate that confirms the payment of a guest's taxi by means of a witness.
  • On the best photo from the celebration.
  • 10 useful liffucks from the groom or the bride.
  • Invitation to a golden wedding.
  • A document that promises a guest that he will be the first to know about whom the young people are waiting for.

Hilarious wedding certificates for a newly-married couple photo

What not to do

If you decide to give as a souvenir to guestsa wedding certificate, it is better to discuss, for some time before the celebration, to whom and what to hand over. You should be aware of the interests and habits of each guest guest. For example, it would be foolish to give a certificate for a bottle of champagne to a person who does not tolerate alcohol, or to go to a restaurant specializing in steaks for a vegetarian.

Certificates for young people

Solemn documents can be given not onlyguests. Joking wedding certificates for the newlyweds look no less original. In such a document it is possible to list, for example, all the dignity of the groom, and to fix it with a kiss or a kiss on the lips to the screams "Bitter."

Comic wedding certificates for guests

Ideas for a gift to a certificate for young

A wedding souvenir for a newly-married couple can be supplemented with joking gifts. For the groom:

  1. Shield with a sword, as a symbol of the defender of the wife of children andat home. Especially it will be appreciated by fans of popular now series "Game of Thrones", "Vikings" and "The Last Kingdom". You can watch the Jedi's sword from Star Wars.
  2. Piggy bank for nest egg from his wife.
  3. A machine or a scale model of a tank, a cartel.

Gifts for the bride:

  1. Screwdriver Set.
  2. The key to the piggy bank of her husband.
  3. Steering wheel from the car.
  4. Additional certificate for the husband's breakfast.
  5. Something else that the young will be able to appreciate.

Making a certificate yourself

How to make such a souvenir yourself? There are several options:

  • Choose favorite wedding certificate templates for guests and print them on the printer (it is better to choose a color, not a black and white version), on colored paper or cardboard.
  • Print them on photo paper. It will look good glossy.
  • Add ribbons or other decor elements to the template.
  • The original will look like a certificate,decorated in the form of an old scroll, this option is ideal for a themed wedding in a historical style. It is necessary to fasten the top and bottom of the rod certificate and roll it with a tube.Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds


How much does it cost to order a weddingcertificate in Moscow? The average cost is 350 rubles per piece and above. Usually, when ordering, the minimum number of copies is 5 pieces. The development of individual design costs an average of 1500 rubles and more. Delivery is not included in the price and is calculated separately.

Wedding certificates for guests will makethe celebration is unique, lively and interesting. The atmosphere will turn out to be warm, sincere, truly family. This simple souvenir will show how dear each of the guests is. Such gifts for a long time will cause a smile on the faces of dear people and serve as a wonderful memory.

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  • Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds Funny wedding certificates for the newlyweds