Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features

Gas boiler "Navien": reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features

For many owners of country houses, the issue of choosing gas boiler equipment remains urgent. It is important first of all to pay attention to the manufacturer.

Criterias of choice

The supplier company mustgoods on the market of the corresponding products. If you decide to prefer the gas boiler "Naviene", the feedback about which will be presented below, you should pay attention to a number of parameters, namely the equipment's power, efficiency, and performance, which is very important when considering such equipment.

gas boiler naiven reviews

Power of Navyen boilers

"Navien" - gas wall-mounted boiler, reviews aboutwhich you must know, possesses a certain power, which is a set of corresponding parameters characteristic of heat consumers. This includes radiators and hot water consumption, which is true if the boiler has two circuits. Considering the gas boiler "Navien", which you will be useful to read about before you visit the store, you should take into account that two-circuit models are in demand more than others when organizing a heating system in a country house. Quite often, additional branches are added to similar devices, supplying auxiliary stores with heat. This includes garages, baths, saunas or swimming pools. In this case it is necessary to select a device that is capable of withstanding a high load and has an impressive capacity. This is the only way to ensure the simultaneous connection of all heat consumers. If in a country house only two heat consumers, namely hot water and heating, it is possible to calculate with respect to the heating system.

gas heating boilers

Calculation features

The calculation will be simple enough, but for thisit will be necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room, the number of windows and the thermal insulation of the building. Experts say that for 10 square meters of construction area at a standard ceiling height, which is three meters or less, 1 kilowatt will be enough. If there are more than two consumers of heat, then a more careful calculation will be necessary.

navyen gas wall cooker reviews

Characteristics of comfort and economy of the boiler manufacturer "Navien"

The gas boiler "Navien", about which youcan be read in this article, can refer to one of three classifications, so the model can be wall, floor or compensatory. Floor and wall boilers are standard equipment, which is characterized by the installation site. As for the compensation equipment, it can be floor or wall. As the main distinguishing feature of these models is a high efficiency, which can reach 100%. The heat energy is collected in such models not only due to combustion of fuel, but also due to the energy released during steam condensation. The latter leaves the boiler together with the combustion products. If you need a gas boiler "Navien", reviews about which will allow you to decide on the choice, then you should pay attention to the operating conditions. Modern products of the described brand can be adjusted to any conditions. You have to take into account that each category has its own strong side, which determines the efficiency of operation.

double-circuit gas boiler

Feedback on the attached boilers of the company Navien

Consumers choose hinged gas boilers forbecause they have low cost and are easy to install. If the heating system does not require certain serious requirements, then the hinged unit will be the most suitable solution. Buyers note that such models act as mini-boiler houses, where the manufacturer laid the automation, expansion tank, circulating pump, as well as special sensors that are designed to ensure the safety of the equipment. This indicates that an inexpensive heating device opens at a low cost.

Gas boilers for heating "Navien", reviews aboutwhich are often the most positive, can be established independently, not using the help of specialists. However, you should consider that the unit has an impressive weight, so to install a similar device you will need the help of a second person. The firebox should be connected to a gas pipe, and then you should connect cold water, take the pipe to the water supply with hot water and connect the pipes to the heating. Experienced users note that this equipment has another undeniable advantage, which is expressed in small sizes. If you hang the boiler on the wall, then the space below it can be used for your own needs.

floor gas boilers

Characteristics of floor boilers from the manufacturer Navien

Gas boilers for heating "Navien", reviews aboutwhich are presented in the article, can be floor-standing. The strength of such devices is maximum reliability. Modern cast-iron floor boilers have safety and control over the combustion of fuel. If you compare with condensation and wall-type analogs, they require maintenance and verification once a year. If we are talking about floor equipment, then such an assembly does not need such maintenance. It will be enough once in three years to open, clean the furnace, which will allow continued operation.

gas boiler naiven 24 reviews

Reviews of condensing gas boilers

If you decide to purchase a condensing gasThe boiler "Navien-24", which you will need to read about before making a purchase, you should also know about its strengths. Owners of country houses claim that they work at maximum profitability. The efficiency is 100%, you can save fuel, reducing its consumption. However, as the buyers emphasize, this type of boiler is the most expensive of all types of equipment. Among other things, its installation will also cost a lot. If you properly install such equipment, and then follow the manufacturer's instructions for use, the device will be ready to serve for 15 years.

Information about the cost

Outdoor gas boilers "Navien", reviews aboutwhich will be useful information, have a value equal to 67,000 rubles. If we are talking about wall-mounted equipment, then, of course, it will cost less. A similar model of the said manufacturer costs 45,000 rubles.

After installing the device, you can counton the manufacturer's warranty. However, one should not rush into hand-editing. Sometimes this will invalidate the warranty. Quite often professionals of the relevant companies provide services for installation and connection of equipment. After that you will receive a document certifying the fact that the work was done according to the rules. If you want a two-circuit gas boiler "Navien", the reviews about which are the most positive, served for a long time, then it is best to entrust its connection to specialists.

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  • Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features Gas boiler Navien: reviews. Gas boiler Navien: price and features