Hair loss after childbirth: what to do

Hair loss after childbirth: what to do?

Unfortunately, hair loss after childbirth does notis not uncommon. Many new moms complain of increased hair loss. This phenomenon has its own reasons, which you simply need to determine, because only in this way can you choose the right methods of treatment.

Many women say that duringtheir hair became thicker, brighter and more beautiful. It's not at all strange, because in these 9 months a woman, as a rule, watches her food, takes complex vitamin preparations. In addition, during pregnancy there are changes in the hormonal background and active processes of rejuvenation of the body. But after the birth the situation is completely different.

Hair loss after birth: the main reasons

The most common reason for loss of hair isviolation of the level of hormones in the blood. In this case, the crisis occurs, as a rule, 3-5 months after delivery. It is during this period that the amount of estrogen begins to decrease gradually.

It is proved that during pregnancy the density of hairincreases by about 30%. Therefore, hair loss after childbirth is not something dangerous. During the year the hormonal background normalizes, problems with hair disappear. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your hair has become much more modest, and your hair is literally scraps, it's best to contact a trichologist at once.

Hair loss after childbirth can be associated withlack of vitamins and nutrients. After all, during pregnancy, women, as a rule, take vitamin complexes. And during breast feeding the supply of useful substances and trace elements is gradually exhausted, which affects, first of all, the condition of the hair, nails and skin. In addition, childbirth is often accompanied by loss of blood, so anemia is not uncommon after the birth of the baby.

And, of course, do not discountemotional state of a woman. After all, during the postpartum period, stress, chronic lack of sleep, fatigue and excitement often become permanent companions. Nervous overexertion can not but leave its mark.

Hair loss after childbirth: treatment

If after the birth of a child hair began to activelyfall out, and independently to cope with a problem it is not possible, it is necessary to address to trihologu. Only the doctor will be able to determine the cause of the disease and prescribe the right treatment.

To begin with, a woman is usually given an analysisblood on hormones, and also research of a thyroid gland. If the problem lies in the state of the endocrine system, the specialist will prescribe the appropriate drugs.

If hair loss after delivery is caused by anemiaor beriberi, then the doctor will prescribe the intake of iron-containing drugs and multivitamin complexes. Do not worry about the state of the child - modern pharmacology offers medicines, the reception of which is safe even during breastfeeding.

How to stop hair loss after childbirth at home?

Naturally, weakened hair requires constant, proper care. To begin with, select the appropriate shampoos and other care products that contain the strengthening components.

In addition, it is recommended that you regularly donourishing hair masks, for example, from whey or egg yolk. Another proven tool is burdock oil. It's quite easy to use. A small amount of oil to put on the roots of hair and carefully rub into the scalp. Then put on a plastic cap and hold for two hours. To begin with, this procedure should be repeated every three days.

It is also useful to at least cut the tipshair - quite often this little cunning allows you to keep a thick, healthy head of hair. The effectiveness of haircuts is evidenced by numerous reviews of women who have encountered a similar problem.

And do not forget about rest, sleep and high-gradenutrition. The diet should be dominated by precisely those foods that saturate the body with useful substances and vitamins. If you are worried about the condition of the baby, since you are still breastfeeding, be sure to consult a pediatrician - the doctor will tell you about useful products and help you make a menu. Remember also that the correct regime is necessary not only for the newborn baby, but for the mother. If your child does not sleep at night, then lie down with him during the day - lack of sleep and nervous overexertion are not the best allies of the new mother.

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  • Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do Hair loss after childbirth: what to do