Heat gun on waste oil

Heat gun on waste oil

If you own a private business, then beforeyou probably for several times the question arose about the need to heat the home and ancillary facilities by the type of garages and workshops. For this purpose, different fan heaters are usually used, however, it is not necessary to purchase such a heater, instead you can use a heat gun, which you can do by yourself.

Description of the cannon

Heat gun on waste oilconstructively differs little from the gas variety. It has a burner, which is designed to work with liquid fuels. There is also a fan in the design for air injection. Instead of a gas valve, in this case a fuel pump is installed, it is responsible for pumping fuel from the tank, which is located under the hull. This is the main difference.

heat gun on waste oil

According to the principle of gas heaters,Working off can have one of two versions, the first involves the use of a straight line, while the second involves indirect heating. Before you can make a heat gun on waste oil, you must take into account that the combustion products of mining are much more toxic than natural gas.

This indicates that even in goodventilated room such a heater in a short time will create unfavorable conditions. If the device is equipped with a separate gas outlet and a branch pipe for flue gases, then the gun can be used everywhere. In order to ensure mobility, it is necessary to strengthen the frame with the wheels to the body.

The construction of the heat gun on the working

If you are going to collect a heat gun onwaste oil, then you should become more familiar with what constitutes such a structure and how it works. The lower part is a fuel tank. The device is placed on top, in it there is a connection between the fan and the combustion chamber. The last one will be supplied with fuel, while the fan will pump hot air into the room.

heat gun on waste oil

For ignition and transportation of the workpiece, it is necessary to use:

  • connecting tube;
  • a nozzle;
  • filter;
  • fuel pump.

The motor must be fixed tofan. In the central part of the body it is necessary to fix the combustion chamber. It will look like a metal cylinder, the diameter of which is 2 times smaller than the diameter of the shell. During combustion, the combustion products will be discharged through the tube from the chamber. In order to warm the room with an area of ​​600 m2, it will be necessary to have about 10 liters of fuel.


If you are going to collect a heat gun onwaste oil, its lower housing must be positioned 15 cm from the top. To ensure that the oil tank does not overheat, it must be made of a material that has a low thermal conductivity. To do this, you need to use a metal tank, which is covered with thermal insulation material. Using thick metal, you can make the upper case, for this you should use a steel pipe.

homemade cannon on waste oil

Methods of work

When the heat gun on the waste oil is collected by hand, the body should be fixed:

  • fan with electric motor;
  • pump with injector;
  • combustion chamber with a vertical tap.

At the next stage, the fuelpump, whereas from the tank it is necessary to remove the pipe through which the working will be fed to the fuel filter, and then to the injector. The upper body of the ends should be covered with nets. The fact that the fan is powered by electricity, you need to think separately. If there is no network access, then you can use the battery.

heat gun on waste oil photo

It is important to remember that self-made thermalthe cannon on the waste oil is a source of increased danger, therefore it is necessary to follow the safety rules. Even if you move away from the body to a meter, then the hot air flow can have a temperature of 300 ° C. That's why this device is not recommended for use in closed rooms, because combustion products can be dangerous.

Recommendations of the assembly specialist

Heat gun on waste oil, photowhich is presented in the article, has combustion chambers, which is executed from a pipe. It should be chosen taking into account the thickness of the walls, this parameter should be impressive. The combustion chamber must be provided with a hole for the injector, which will be located on one side. At the top, you need to locate the chimney connector.

It is important to purchase or find a fan withimpeller. This device will be responsible for the direction of the air flow. At assembly it is necessary to follow the certain algorithm. On one side of the enclosure, a fan should be installed, its performance must be sufficient for efficient operation. The combustion chamber should be located in the center, it is in the casing. At the end of the nozzle.

heat gun on waste oil description

The combustion chamber can be galvanizedpipe, the main thing - to find the product of the desired diameter. On both sides it is sealed, and at the next stage technological holes for the chimney and injectors are made in it. It is necessary to install a piezo spark into the combustion chamber. To do this, it is recommended to stock up the product, which you can buy in specialized stores.

Heat gun on waste oil, descriptionwhich was supplied above, should have a fuel tank. As it is better to take finished products of the right size. In space, a fuel pump and a fine fuel filter are fixed. The pump and the injector are connected in the next stage, in addition a filter is used, through which fuel will be delivered.


The fan is connected via a mains dimmer,However, you can do without this device, but it allows you to adjust the air temperature by the intensity of rotation of the blades. At the same time, fuel consumption will not be increased.

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