Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews

Hotel "Timan" (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews

Rasushno opens its doors in front oftravelers hotel "Timan". Ukhta will be interesting for tourists, as well as for business people. This institution will provide all necessary for a full rest, which will charge you with energy for new discoveries.

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A little about the hotel

The cozy hotel "Timan" (Ukhta) was opened for the first timedoor for the guests back in 1971. Since then, a lot of tourists, businessmen, as well as artists and famous political figures have visited here.
The weather in Ukhta is not the warmest, but because it is veryit is important to find a place where you can warm your soul and body. For example, the hotel "Timan". There are more than 120 comfortable rooms of different categories for accommodation of the guests. In addition, you will enjoy a wide range of services, as well as qualified staff.

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Hotel "Timan" (Ukhta): address

For tourists and business people it is extremely important to findhotel with comfortable dislocation. In the heart of the city is the hotel "Timan". Ukhta, Lenin Avenue, 4 - the address of this institution. This is the central street, where a lot of cafes, shops and restaurants are concentrated. Also in the immediate vicinity there is a public transport shed and a taxi stand.

Number of rooms

The weather in Ukhta is quite severe, so tourists want to warm up in their rooms as soon as possible. Hotel "Timan" offers you such options for accommodation:

  • ApartmentsThis is a spacious room that can compete with a city apartment in functionality. There is a bedroom, a living room with a dining area, and a kitchen corner separated by a bar counter.
  • Improved numberdiffers with fresh renovation and original interior. In the spacious area there is a double bed, as well as a dressing table and bedside table.
  • Single room of the first categoryis a compact bedroom with a bed and a small bed and a small armchair for rest. Also in the room there is a bedside table with a TV. A large window provides good natural lighting.
  • Single standard-plus- a small room with a single bed anda soft armchair for rest, from which it is convenient to watch TV. There is a workplace with a desk and a chair. Thanks to the carpet on the floor, it's not cold to walk barefoot.
  • Single standard- this is a small room with a semi-double bed and a work space.
  • Double standard plus- large and bright room with a pair of single beds, dressing table and bedside tables.
  • Double standard- small and cozy room with a pair of single beds and a bedside table with a TV. There is also a dining table with a couple of chairs.
  • Standard Triple- a small room with three single beds, a dressing table, a workstation and a recliner.
  • Standard Quadruple Roomconsists of 2 rooms, each of which has 2 beds. There is a bedside table with a TV, a wardrobe, a desk and a soft pouf for rest.
  • Single economyoffers you to stay in a small bed, in addition to which there is a workplace. The bathroom is on the floor.
  • Double economycan offer its guests a couple of small beds and a dining table. The bathroom is on the floor.
  • Twelve-bed economyconsists of 2 rooms, each of which has bunk beds. Also there are dining tables. Guests can use the bathroom located on the floor.

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In the rooms

Everything you need for a comfortable stay will provide you a hotel "Timan". Ukhta will show you its hospitality. In turn, this hotel will provide the following amenities in the rooms:

  • combined bathroom with toilet and shower (in some rooms this service is provided on the floor);
  • a fixed telephone for internal communication, as well as for access to the intercity line;
  • TV with satellite channels;
  • refrigerator for storing your food stocks;
  • wireless internet signal.

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Hotel "Timan" (Ukhta): prices

One of the decisive factors in choosing a place foraccommodation is the cost of living. The Republic of Komi, Ukhta is a rather expensive region, nevertheless the prices for accommodation in the hotel "Timan" are quite affordable. The daily cost of living in the rooms of this hotel is as follows (per day, in Russian rubles).

room category For the room For a place
Cost of living With meals Cost of living With meals
Apartments 6500 6800 -
Improved 4200 4500
Single room of the first category 3000 3300
Single standard-plus 2500 2800
Uniform standard 2300 2600
Single economy 1050 1350
Double standard plus 3600 4200 1800 2100
Double standard 3400 4000 1700 2000
Double economy 1800 2400 900 1200
Standard Triple 3900 4800 1300 1600
Standard Quadruple Room 4800 6000 1200 1500
Twelve-seated standard 7800 11400 650 950


The Republic of Komi, Ukhta in particular, is a hospitable place, as evidenced by the hotel "Timan". On each floor you will find exactly what you need:

  • First floor:
    • a luxurious restaurant where you can eat and have a good time;
    • a photo center where you can take pictures of documents or rent a studio;
    • drapery;
    • Dry cleaning, where quickly and carefully put in order your personal belongings;
    • hairdresser's with a male and female hall;
    • cooking, where you can buy a lot of delicious ready meals;
    • ATMs and terminals for convenience of owners of plastic bank cards;
    • tourist agency, where for you they organize an exciting excursion or will help to choose the direction for recreation.
  • Second floor:
    • legal consultation;
    • beauty salon;
    • rehabilitation center for people with hearing impairment;
    • a bank office where you can make a quick loan for your daily needs;
    • club for learning English.
  • Third floor:
    • Center for Preventive Medicine "Ultramed".
  • Fourth floor:
    • cafeteria, where there is always fresh pastry and aromatic coffee.
  • Fifth floor:
    • rest zone.
  • Sixth floor:
    • conference hall.

All those who wish can be given the opportunity to rent an office hotel "Timan" (Ukhta). Phone accountant, with whom you can consult on this issue, is available on the official website.

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Positive reviews

If you are interested in the hotel "Timan" (Ukhta), the reviews of experienced travelers will help you to appreciate all the advantages of this establishment. It is worth noting such positive comments:

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Negative feedback

There are a number of shortcomings, which travelers should know when going to this hotel. We are talking about such negative comments:

  • in the rooms very old furniture, which produces an unpleasant smell;
  • centipedes and other insects creep in the shower;
  • even if you have booked a room in advance, upon arrival it may turn out that all the rooms are occupied and you will be refused accommodation;
  • too expensive breakfasts, despite the fact that just around the corner is a good bistro with a wide range and reasonable prices;
  • the elevator does not work;
  • the hotel is constantly being renovated, which significantly hinders the rest of the guests;
  • in the bathroom - rusty plumbing;
  • in the cafe on the fourth floor the extractor works badly, and therefore in the dining hall there is always a smell of food that is eaten into the hair and clothes of guests;
  • at the most unexpected moment the guest may be asked to move to another room, motivating it with repair work;
  • TVs do not work well (guests have to independently adjust the antennas to receive channels);
  • in the rooms, the windows of which look onto Lenin's avenue, are very noisy;
  • the common toilet is very dirty, the trash cans are always full, and an unpleasant smell is also standing;
  • uncomfortable beds, after sleep on which the back hurts terribly;
  • in the toilet there is no air freshener, which can be considered a significant drawback, given the poor performance of the ventilation system;
  • strong audibility between numbers;
  • in the rooms there is no air conditioning, and if you open the windows, it will be very noisy;
  • the bathroom is very cramped (this is especially felt by people of large build);
  • hygiene kits are not provided;
  • tasteless food and dirty dishes in the hotel catering establishments;
  • in the shower a weak pressure of water (especially in the early morning and in the evening);
  • in the rooms there is no tea set (or at least dishes, in which it would be possible to make hot drinks);
  • too narrow beds (especially in double and triple rooms).

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A good budget option for accommodationis the hotel "Timan" (Ukhta). A hairdresser, office facilities, a tour desk and much more will be offered to guests of this establishment. But the most important thing is, of course, the number of rooms. Given the low cost of living, nothing supernatural should not be expected. But, considering that this is one of the few hotels in the center of Ukhta, guests of the city should consider this option for accommodation.

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  • Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews Hotel Timan (Ukhta, Komi Republic): address, photo, reviews