How to choose a latch for plastic windows

How to choose a latch for plastic windows?

The final stage of installation of anyPlastic window is the installation of the strips on the joints. This element is an integral part of the decor. The netschelnik for plastic windows has another name - feigned plank. Being an element of decoration, it performs some functional duties, namely it hides gaps between walls and window blocks, which are sometimes formed during the installation process.installation of rails on plastic windows

Selection rules

Choosing a clip for plastic windows, do not forget about two important points.

  • First, you need to carefully choosemanufacturer. It requires an individual approach. Look for strips that have proved their quality, from manufacturers of metal-plastic windows (SALAMANDER, REHAU, VEKA, TROCAL) or manufacturers of accessories (WINKHAUS, MACO, EXPERT).
  • And secondly, this device shouldharmonize with the already installed windows and their decoration. This is important when choosing the device. The plastic clip for plastic windows should be chosen from the same material that the windows are made of. To get a whole picture, do not forget about the harmony of color and design design.

Varieties of nashchelnikov

At present, the main criterion for distinguishing these products is the material from which they are made.plastic windows for windows price

  1. Covers made of PVC. They are sold by rolls. Waste at their cutting will be no more than 1%, which indicates the economy of this option. As a rule, these devices are made with a self-adhesive layer, which greatly simplifies their installation. However, in this case it is necessary to comply with the temperature regime. Installation work can not be carried out at temperatures below 5 degrees. This is important in this case. If the temperature is below this level, it is necessary to preheat the surface to be treated or to use additional fasteners such as screws and screws. Another advantage of these devices is the possibility of their use in rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms.plastic clip for plastic windows
  2. Netschelniki from a tree in another namelayouts. They are made mainly of pine. Most often they are used for the installation of window blocks made of wood. Characteristic features of this type of nashchelnikov: environmental friendliness, aesthetics and strength. Also for them is characterized by a huge variety of forms: curly, book, flat, semicircular.plastic clip for plastic windows
  3. Metallic covers. The material for their manufacture is galvanized steel or aluminum. As a rule, they are used in the construction of hangars, buildings, garages. The installation of the strips on the plastic windows in this case ends with the application of a layer of polyester. This is necessary for giving the design an external aesthetic appearance.

The result

Having read this article, you can easilypick up the strips for plastic windows, the price of which will be quite acceptable (from 20 to 450 rubles, depending on the size, shape and material of the product). Do not pursue the lowest prices. A plastic clip for plastic windows made of high-quality materials will have an appropriate cost. Choosing a cheap product, you can face some nuances. Namely: fragility, changing shape during installation and further use, it is possible and production marriage.

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  • How to choose a latch for plastic windows How to choose a latch for plastic windows How to choose a latch for plastic windows How to choose a latch for plastic windows How to choose a latch for plastic windows How to choose a latch for plastic windows