How to determine a safe day

How to determine a safe day

One of the methods of protecting against undesirablepregnancy is the calculation of dates in which conception is impossible. If you have a regular cycle, then calculate a safe day is not difficult, for this there are many methods. But those who are presented with surprises by the body in the form of delays or an earlier onset of menstruation, you should not even try to protect yourself in this way.Safe day

It is worth noting: do not forget that the human body is not a mechanism that can work without failures and breakdowns. Even if you have not had a single delay for the last 15 years, and ovulation has occurred exactly on the 14th day, this does not mean that you are in the future insured against its shift for a couple of days. If you use only this method for protection, then always be prepared for an unplanned miracle. Many women tell, it would seem, incredible stories of conception of their crumbs. In some, the ovum was fertilized immediately after menstruation, in others on the safest day - before their onset.

To improve the reliability of the calendar methodIn parallel with it it is possible to measure the basal temperature. This will give a more complete picture of the processes occurring in the body. So, if you are not afraid of an accidental pregnancy, but do not plan it yet and still want to get out of contraception, then you need to know what the calendar of safe days looks like. It is not difficult to calculate it, the main thing is to know the basic principles on which the work of the woman's reproductive system is based.

Calendar of safe days to calculateSo, on the day of ovulation, which at standardcycle lasting 28 days occurs on the 14th day, there is the greatest chance of getting pregnant. Given that active and healthy spermatozoa can be in the uterus or tubes up to 5 days, it is dangerous to consider not only the date of release of the egg, but also the 5 days preceding this event. To abstain from contact without protection follows and within several days after the ovulation has come. Do not forget to take into account the possible error in determining the day of release of the egg. So, it can happen a few days earlier or later, if in the cycle you are nervous, made long trips, changed the climatic zone, hurted.

The day of rupture of the follicle can affectfactors, so it is not always possible to accurately determine a safe day for making love without additional protection. You can not be afraid to get pregnant if you do not protect yourself somewhere before the 8th and after the 20th day of the cycle (it is necessary to count from the moment when the discharges began). It should be noted that the safest days are before the monthly, and it is desirable that ovulation is confirmed. One of the most reliable methods by which you can find out if an egg has come out is the ultrasound. But he, fortunately, is not the only one. You can measure the temperature of the body in the rectum in the morning or use tests for ovulation.

Safe days before monthlyKnowing when it will be a safe day for classeswithout contraception, you can relax and enjoy your love better. But if you can not boast of a regular cycle, then you need to additionally use other methods: it can be like other ways to determine the date of ovulation, and various means of protection.

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