How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations

How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations

In everyday life between people, due to the differencetemperament often there are conflict situations. This is due, first of all, to the excessive emotionality of a person and the lack of self-control. How to learn to restrain emotions? How to "take over" your own feelings and thoughts during a conflict? The answers to these questions are given by psychology.

How to learn to restrain emotions

What is self-control for?

Restraint and self-control is something that is notmany people are missing. This comes with time, constantly training and improving skills. Self-control helps to achieve a lot, and the smallest of this list is inner peace of mind. How to learn how to control your emotions, while not allowing an intrapersonal conflict? To understand that this is necessary and to gain agreement with one's own "I".

Control over emotions does not allow aggravationconflict situation, allows you to find a common language with completely opposite personalities. To a greater extent, self-control is necessary for establishing relationships with people, not important, business partners or relatives, children, beloved.

The impact of negative emotions on life

Failures and scandals in which is releasednegative energy, adversely affect not only the surrounding people, but also the instigator of conflict situations. How to learn to contain your negative emotions? Try to avoid conflicts and not succumb to provocations from other people.

How to learn to contain your negative emotions

Negative emotions destroy harmonious relationsin the family, interfere with the normal development of the individual and career growth. After all, few people will want to cooperate / communicate / live with a person who does not own himself and at every opportunity starts a scandal. For example, if a woman can not keep herself in hand and constantly finds fault with her man, which leads to serious quarrels, he will leave her soon.

In the education of children it is also important to restrain oneself andnot to give vent to negative emotions. The child will feel the word spoken by the parent in the heat of anger, and later will remember this moment for life. Psychology helps to understand how to learn to restrain emotions and prevent their manifestation in communication with children and close people.

How to learn to restrain one's emotions

On business and working activities negativeemotions also have a big impact. The collective always consists of people of different temperaments, therefore self-control here plays an important role: the negative can splash out at any time when pressure is applied to a person, they demand to perform unbearable work. And instead of the usual dialogue, where the parties can come to a consensus, a scandal develops. How to learn to restrain emotions in the workplace? Do not react to provocations of employees, try to engage in a casual conversation, agree with the authorities in everything, even if the tasks are difficult to accomplish.

Suppression of emotions

Constant self-restraint in a certain frameworkand preventing the release of a negative is not a panacea. Suppressing emotions, a person accumulates a negative, in connection with which, the risk of development of psychological diseases increases. Negative should be periodically somewhere "splash out", but in such a way that the feelings of other people are not affected. How to learn to restrain emotions, but without harm to the inner world? Do sports, because during training a person spends all his internal resources, and the negative quickly goes away.

How to contain your emotions in relationships

To release negative energy is suitablewrestling, boxing, hand-to-hand fighting. It is important that a person mentally wants to give vent to his emotions, then he will feel relieved and he will not want to break into someone. However, it should be taken into account that everything should be in moderation, and overwork in training can provoke a new influx of negativity.

Two ways to contain emotions:

  • You do not like the person so much that you are readydestroy it? Do it, but, of course, not in the literal sense of the word. At the moment when it became uncomfortable for you to communicate with him, do everything you want with this person mentally.
  • Draw a person you hate and write onleaf next to the image of the problems that have appeared in your life thanks to him. Burn the sheet and mentally put a point in the relationship with this person.


How to learn to restrain emotions? Psychology gives such an answer to this question: to control your feelings and emotions you need prevention, in other words - emotional hygiene. Like the human body, his soul also needs hygiene and disease prevention. To do this, it is necessary to protect yourself from communicating with people who are disliked, and, if possible, avoid conflicts.

How to learn to restrain the emotions of psychology

Prevention is the most sparing and optimala way to control emotions. It does not require additional training of a person and specialist intervention. Preventive measures allow for a long time to protect themselves from the negative and nervous breakdowns.

How to learn to contain your emotions. Psychologist's advice

The main thing that helps to get the better of youremotions is total control over one's own life. When a person suits everything in his house, work, relationships, and he understands that at any time it can influence and adjust everything to him, then it is easier for him to restrain the manifestation of negative emotions. There are a number of preventive rules that help to manage one's own feelings and thoughts. How to learn to control your emotions and control yourself? Follow simple rules.

How to learn to restrain emotions and control

Unfinished business and debts

In a short time, follow all the planneddo not leave work unfinished - it can cause a delay in terms, provoking negative emotions. Also, "tails" can be reproached, point out your incompetence.

In the financial plan try not to allowdelays in payments and debts - it is exhausting, and prevents you from reaching your goal. Understanding that you have not given up to someone, causes a negative, helplessness in the face of the circumstances.

Absence of debts, both financial and otherplan, allows you to fully expend your own energy resources and forces, directing them to the realization of desires. The sense of duty, on the contrary, is a hindrance in mastering self-control and achieving success. How to learn to restrain emotions and control yourself? Timely eliminate debts.


Create for yourself a comfortable workplace,equip your house to your own taste. Both at work and at home, with the family, you should be comfortable - nothing should be irritating or any other negative emotions.

Time Planning

Try to plan correctly for the day,strive to ensure that you and the time and resources for the implementation of the tasks assigned were little more than necessary. This will avoid the negativity associated with a constant lack of time and experiences about the lack of finance, energy and strength for the work.

Communication and workflow

Avoid contact with unpleasant people,uselessly wasting your time. In particular, with individuals who are called "energy vampires" - they take away not only time, but also your strengths. If possible, try not to overlap with excessively temperamental people, since any wrong remark directed towards them can provoke a scandal. How to keep your emotions in relationships with other people? Be polite, do not exceed your authority, do not react too sharply to criticism.

How to learn to restrain your emotions Psychologist's advice

If your work does not bring you anything butnegative emotions, it is worth thinking about changing the place of activity. Earning money at the expense of one's own soul and feelings, sooner or later, will lead to a breakdown and a disturbance of mental balance.

Boundary marking

Mentally create a list of things and actions,causing you negative emotions. Draw an invisible border, a line beyond which you can not pass on to anyone, even the closest person. Make a set of rules that limit people in communicating with you. Those who really love, appreciate and respect you, will accept such demands, and those who oppose attitudes - should not be in your surroundings. To communicate with outsiders, develop a special system that will avoid breaking your borders and creating conflict situations.

Physical activity and introspection

Doing sports will bring not only physical health, but also mental balance. Give the sport 30 minutes to 1 hour a day, and your body will quickly cope with negative emotions.

Maintain an internal dialogue, while analyzingeverything that happens to you during the day. Ask yourself questions about whether you did the right thing in one situation or the other, whether they talked with people, whether there was enough time to do the work. This will help not only to understand themselves, but also in the future to eradicate communication with unnecessary people, causing negative. Carrying out an "inventory" of one's own emotions, thoughts and goals allows you to fully develop self-control.

Positive emotions and prioritization

Develop the ability to switch fromnegative emotions on positive, try to see in any situation the positive aspects. How to learn to control emotions in relationships with relatives and strangers? Be positive, and this will help you to win over your own temper.

The right target is perfecthelp in achieving self-control. When you are on the verge of a surge of negative emotions, imagine that as soon as you stop being nervous and pay attention to provocations, your dreams will begin to be realized. Choose only real, achievable goals.


Carefully look at people who are yousurround. Is it useful to communicate with them? Do they bring you happiness, warmth and kindness, do they please you? If not - then the answer is obvious, you need to urgently change the circle of communication, switch to personalities bearing positive emotions. Of course, in the workplace it is impossible to do this, but at least limit yourself from communicating with such people outside the workplace.

In addition to changing the environment, the development of self-control will help to expand the circle of communication. This will give you new opportunities, knowledge and positive charge for a long time.

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  • How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations How to learn to restrain emotions - advice of a psychologist, practical recommendations