How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks

How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks

Square nails are recognized as the most practical andcomfortable, and this opinion is held by a huge number of women. This is explained by the fact that the load on the nail plates in this case is distributed more evenly, that is, much more rarely do breaks and chips occur. In addition, this form is almost not deformed, and even long nails are more durable.

how to make a square nail shape

Now it is quite natural for the readers to arisethe question of how to make a square shape of the nails. On this and focus attention. It is possible to please the representatives of the weaker sex: correction of this manicure occurs much faster than any other. Plus, it is modern, stylish and comfortable, especially if the work activity is to work with a computer. Also it should be noted that such an manicure is used by the vast majority of office workers.

So, how to make a square nail shape?First of all, let's pay attention to the length of the nail plate. This manicure looks good on any length, but most suited is the average. It is especially recommended to use this solution for thin fingers and narrow palms.

Another tip: thinking about how to make a square shape of nails, you need to pay attention to the cuticle, it should be similar in shape, so that the manicure looked as harmonious as possible.

how to nail a square shape

If the nails have left traces of old manicure,remove them. Then degrease nail plates with liquid to remove varnish or a special composition. Fingers need to be lowered into warm water with liquid soap added for a few minutes to soften the cuticle. Then the hands are wiped dry, if necessary, the nails are shortened or simply their outgrowed part is adjusted with the help of nippers. After this action the nails already take a square shape, it remains only to straighten it with a nail file. The formed corners are slightly rounded, the edges are slightly processed (aligned), so the nails will be more practical. On this question about how to make a square shape of the nails is closed. It remains only to cover them with varnish. Now let's stop at this moment.

The easiest way, of course, is to use one lacquer -a pair of layers and a manicure is ready, but you can create a unique design of nails in a square shape (photo for an example is given in the article). Most often in such cases, a French manicure is used, but you can resort to other methods. For example, make a drawing, use as crystals rhinestones, stickers and so on.

nail design square shape photo

With how to saw the nails of a square shape and how theirdecorate, figured out. It remains to focus attention on one more thing: who does not fit this form? Not very elegant, it looks on short and plump fingers. The fact is that the square visually shortens the hand, which in this case can not be allowed.

One can not but note the fact that squareNails have several varieties, which differ between each other by the method of filing and length. That is, the nail plate can be long and narrow, roughly speaking, have the shape of a rectangle, and can be short and straight, that is, it is just a square. There is one more variety, it is sometimes called "Moscow". For its base you need a square shape, the ends of which are filed at an angle to the center of the edge. Manicure in this case is very unusual and bold.

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  • How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks How to Make Square Nails: Tips and Tricks