How to recover without harm to health: reviews

How to recover without harm to health: reviews

It's no secret that during discussions on the topicIdeal weight often sounds the question "How to lose weight without harm to health?". But weight is a capricious thing. Some are tormented by excess, others - lack. And now you can hear the cry of the soul: "How will it recover without harm to health?". Let's try to answer this burning question.

how to recover without harm to health

The organism seeks restoration

Why some people can afford to eat a lot(including sweet and flour) and at the same time do not get fat? Others sit on a cabbage diet, but remain as "round" as the basic regime vegetable. In this regard, the results of an experiment conducted by scientists from different countries of the world are of interest. Subjects (plump and lean) for a while fed high-calorie food in large quantities.

It turned out that everyone gained weight, but in differentdegree, and after the end of the tests, they were equally dumped, each to the original index. The assumption of the researchers was confirmed: a healthy organism is "tuned" to its weight and at the end of "stressful conditions" (forced overeating or malnutrition) is trying to restore the individual rate.

Three types of build

In a personal conversation with a doctor (trainer) about how toget well without harm to health, advice will necessarily affect the topic of the hormonal background. There is a peptidic hormone leptin, which affects the energy metabolism in the body. A number of geneticists believe that in people prone to obesity, it is synthesized in insufficient quantities. Often this is an innate feature. But a change in the level of hormone production can occur in any period of a person's life. Often this happens during pregnancy, after childbirth, when using contraceptives and so on. And yet, how do you spend extra calories? It turns out, in different ways.

how to get well without harm to the health of a man

There is a theory that people on a physique are divided into three types:

1. endomorphic;

2. mesomorphic;

3. ectomorphic.

The first surplus is replenished with fat cells. The second go to strengthen the bones and muscles, they are energy-intensive and do not give a noticeable increase in weight. Others spend calories on strengthening the nervous system. There are other theories.

For men

Reflecting on how to recover without harm to healthman (and not only), you can draw an analogy. Calories resemble money: if you spend less, and earn more, they accumulate. True, unlike the "bucks", not in the wallet, but in the necessary (and sometimes unwanted) parts of the body. It is necessary to build a diet in such a way that incoming energy units were more than wasted (in other words, there are many). But make adjustments to the daily routine. Begin to do simple physical exercises. There are special complexes.

how to recover without harm to the health of a woman

So, if you decide to get well, strictlyobserve the balance of sufficient nutrition and power loads. Pay attention: power! If you establish a diet and, for example, take up running - the weight will not grow. This is an aerobic exercise that does not stimulate muscle to grow. If you only need two extra kilos daily, then drink milk, not less than a liter a day, in addition to the usual food.

For girls and women

A fine half to get better, you also needchange the power mode. It must be at least four times a day. Plus snacks (for this purpose muesli, nuts, dried fruits). Add to the main diet products that promote weight gain. If they are available in your daily menu, you will partially solve the problem of how to recover without harm to health.

Often to eat - does not mean to eat before dumping. The menu should be thoughtful, it is important that the predominance is not carbohydrates, but fish, seafood, meat, eggs, fatty cottage cheese. The first to eat a dish more in volume.

Some nutritionists to achieve the effectadvised to swap the first and second - first eat the second, then soup on fatty broth. Recommended juicy snacks, they excite appetite. Serve large portions. Important dense breakfast, for example, porridge on milk. First, it is difficult to absorb a lot of food, then a habit is developed, for the complete people it is bad, for fatigue - just right. Important calorie drinks: milk, fatty yogurt.

how to get well without harm to health reviews

Calm, only calm!

Throwing strength to weight gain, in no caserefuse physical exertion. But you finally figured out how to get better without harm to health. But what is this? With abundant nourishment, treacherous kilograms accrue at the waist, hips! To the figure does not deteriorate, like men, ladies need strength loads: exercises with dumbbells, a bar, the use of simulators. If you engage in fitness regularly, the growing weight will be distributed harmoniously.

The trainer of the gym will tell you how to calculate the intensity of the exercises correctly. This approach to changing the appearance takes time and effort.There is advice for people who are eager for fastingresult. Add instant drinks to the diet, they are sold in sports nutrition stores. The composition of the mixtures is balanced, they contain fiber, protein, vitamins. Drinking is actively assimilated, it helps to quickly build muscle mass. But in this case a weighted approach is also important. It is recommended to get rid of the habit of smoking, drinking alcohol, if any. Avoid stress (including from doom, how to recover without harm to health), it is important for a woman to keep the emotional background in the norm.

how to recover without harm to health in pancreatitis

How to recover from pancreatitis?

There are cases when to advice, how to recover,should be treated with extreme caution. This applies to those who suffer from chronic pancreatitis. Do not eat foods that promote increased production of gastric juice. These include strong broths (fish, bones, mushrooms). It is necessary to avoid fried foods, smoked products. Fatty varieties of meat (pork, goose, stellate sturgeon, etc.) are inapplicable in this case, as canned, vegetables with essential oils (garlic, onions). Deciding how to recover without harm to health, with pancreatitis, it is especially important to take into account all the details, so that the diet does not end with exacerbation of the disease.

Not suitable for a diet of fresh and baked pastries,coffee, chocolate. No sauces, spices, mustard, which contribute to increased appetite. And what then is there? Egg white, oatmeal, soybeans. These products contain inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes (biologically active substances that help digestion).

Bread yesterday or dried. Cream soups, meat. Cottage cheese is fresh. Vegetables with delicate fibers (carrots, zucchini, potatoes). Fruits (jelly, kissel, mousse). The daily calorific value should grow gradually. The attending physician will tell you how to recover without harm to health, will report the complete list of allowed products.

how to get well without harm to the health of a girl

Advice from those who successfully succeeded

For those who are looking for a prescription, how to recover withoutharm to health, reviews of experienced people represent important support. This is understandable: many believe that if there are people who could increase kilograms, I will do it. Some who passed through the crucible of weighting, even developed their own advice.

Here's one of them. Start with breakfast at 7-8 in the morning, but you can also focus on your biorhythms. But! Eat breakfast at the same time, because it is a signal to start digestion, a pledge of a healthy appetite for the whole day. Attention! Morning meal is not coffee with a shopping bun! Cook the oatmeal, add dried fruit. Or cook buckwheat porridge with milk. You can make an omelette with greens. During the day, eat according to your schedule, the advice of the trainer, doctors.

Treat yourself carefully

Surely you noticed that in a conversation about howrecover without harm to the health of a girl, a woman or a man, sounded the theme of a healthy lifestyle. No - smoking, drinking. Yes - proper nutrition, sports. All this is very important. Many people like to spend time with a TV or computer monitor, satisfying the hunger with crackers, chips, popcorn, cornsticks. It's a bad habit.

how to recover without harm to health tips

At the end of the topic, how to lose weight without harm forhealth, wish: reconsider their views towards acquiring useful behavioral skills. Replace fast food with freshly prepared, even the simplest. Do not use spreads (food based on a mixture of vegetable and milk fat). Choose the inscription on the package: "milk", "cheese", etc. (and not "dairy product", "cheese product"). Do not eat on the run. And all of you will be fine.

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  • How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews How to recover without harm to health: reviews