How to sober a person

How to sober a person?

The process of removing alcohol from the body dependsfrom many factors. These include the quantity and quality of the drink, the amount and type of food taken, the metabolic rate and the specific functioning of the liver of a particular person, as well as its weight and age. At the same time, the period of excretion of alcohol from the body takes much longer than the period of its absorption into the blood. For example, a healthy man weighing about 70 kg. middle-aged, 300 gr. drunk vodka will be removed about a day. However, in life there are situations when it becomes necessary to return an intoxicated person the ability to adequately perceive the environment, that is, it is required to decide how to sober up a drunk person without waiting for the natural excretion of alcohol from the body. There are several ways to help cope with this problem. Of course, alcohol in the blood will not go anywhere, but the surrounding reality for the intoxicated will be perceived much more clearly.

  • First of all it is necessary to take care ofto withdraw from the body that alcohol, which has not yet absorbed into the blood. For this, it is required to empty the stomach, that is, induce a vomitive reflex in any accessible way. It can be a trivial "two fingers in the mouth", and a large amount of water with dissolved in it soda and salt.
  • Alcohol is excreted through the liver, kidneys and lungs. Therefore, for the fastest sobering, you must drink a lot. It is best to use sour drinks, for example, water with citrus juice. As a tonic, it is not superfluous to drink a cup of strong unsweetened coffee or strong salty tea.
  • While there are search ways, how to sober a person,It is worth immediately providing him access to fresh air, being in a smoke-filled room does not help at all to improve the condition. However, in no case should not go to the frosty air. This can lead to more intoxication or loss of consciousness. You can give a sniff to an intoxicated cotton wool, moistened with ammonia. If there is an opportunity, it is necessary to think about the cold shower.
  • To fairly effective and rigid methodstreat energetic rubbing with the palms of your ears. On the auricles there are a lot of sensitive active points, the impact on which is perceived even on an unconscious level. In this way it is possible to bring to life even a person who is in an unconscious state.
  • If the question of how quickly to sober a personis very acute, you can resort to "barbaric" methods. One of them is to let the drunkard drink a teaspoon of ammonia, dissolved in a glass of water. A similar effect can give dissolved in water 15-20 drops of mint tincture.
  • Some experts recommend more humanedrinks that promote sobering. Their effect is based on the content of alkaloid substances, which contribute to the fact that alcohol molecules are more quickly split and are eliminated from the body. One of the most common products containing such alkaloids is hot pepper, both black and red. Here is one of the applied "recipes": the walls of a wide and voluminous glass are rinsed with a few drops of vegetable oil to form a film on them. Then a single egg yolk is laid out in a glass. About 10-20 drops of gin are drilled on it, depending on the weight and height of the person. Top of the drink sprinkled with red and black pepper. Cocktail is required to drink in one gulp.

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