Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu

"Mangal House" (Voronezh): reviews and menu

On the territory of a city like Voronezh, wherethere are a lot of people, there are a lot of different catering establishments. It's about restaurants, cafes and bars, where anyone can relax and taste delicious food at low prices. Right now we will move to this city for a while to talk about one rather popular institution that has been working for more than one day, which can guarantee each client an individual approach and a practically perfect level of service.

"Mangal House" (Voronezh) - quite the samea popular bar that has positive reviews and a good reputation. Now we will discuss this institution in detail, learn about it, talk a bit about the food map, and also touch upon a sufficient number of other important and useful information. Go!

basic information

Do you think you should visit the bar "Mangal House" in Voronezh? Then rather write down the address of this institution: Antonova-Ovseenko street, house 5a. In addition, we note that on the territory of this institution there is a summer terrace, which you can visit during warm periods of time. It is also worth mentioning that the average check in this institution is about one and a half thousand rubles per person. Of course, the entire territory of the bar operates high-speed wireless Internet, and any customer can pay for the order and bank card.

Voronezh, "Mangal House"

As for the cuisine, the dishes are served here, it is worth highlighting the European, Eastern and Caucasian directions.


By the way, be sure to pay attention to the fact,that the restaurant "Mangal House" in Voronezh, the menu of which will be discussed a little later in this article, is ready to offer you the holding of various events on its territory. It's about the wedding, birthday and other dates. In this case, you should contact the manager to talk about everything and clarify whether there is an opportunity to hold a particular celebration on the premises of the institution. You can do this by phone.

In addition, but do you know on what scheduledoes this institution work? If you do not know this information, pay attention to the following data: Monday-Thursday - from 13 to one o'clock in the morning, Friday and Saturday - from 13:00 to two nights, Sunday - from 13 to midnight.


I wonder what dishes there is an opportunity to tastehere? So, the main menu of this bar is represented by cold appetizers, warm salads, soups, side dishes, hot second courses, dishes on charcoal, desserts and drinks.

"Mangal House" (Voronezh): reviews

For example, if you came here tojust a snack, then you need to pay attention to salads. There are both warm salads and ordinary salads. To begin with, try "Caesar" with chicken or salmon for 420 or 450 rubles, respectively. In addition, the order is available for a dish of "Fantasy" for 390 rubles., "Autumn motif" for 300 rubles., "Choban" for 280 rubles., "Deniz" for 300 rubles. And a classic salad with shrimps, the cost of which is 550 rubles.

These snacks can be found in the main food mapthis place. Of course, there you can order a huge number of other culinary works, because we have allocated only the most popular among customers.


What do people think about this institution? "Mangal House" in Voronezh reviews are positive. Customers note a high level of service, reasonable prices for food and drinks, as well as an excellent comfortable atmosphere. The visitors of this bar are sure that they will return here again, because it is really nice to be here. And especially here are delicious kebabs!

"Mangal House" (Voronezh): the menu

In general, it is worth noting that the average score of this place is within 9 points of the maximum 10, and this indicator is high. Come here and rest.

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  • Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu Mangal House (Voronezh): reviews and menu