Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders

Paranoid is who? Neuropsychiatric disorders

The mental disorders of a person are heavypathological conditions that are characterized by violations of intellectual, mental activity and emotional disorders that have varying degrees of severity.

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What do psychotic disorders include?

First, let's figure out what is meant bysuch term as "psychotic disorders". These are manifestations of mental disorders, in which human activity does not correspond to the environment or reality. At the same time, a real world view is strongly distorted in consciousness, which leads to disturbances in behavior, the appearance of pathological syndromes and symptoms.

There are mental disorders thatoccur as a result of meningitis, encephalitis, brain tumors, injuries, syphilis of the brain, as well as degenerative, vascular and other organic ailments or brain damage.

Neuropsychiatric disorders also includepost-traumatic stress, behavioral and mental abnormalities in women related to reproductive function (pregnancy, postpartum period, premenstrual syndrome, etc.), paranoia and many others.

Why do mental disorders occur?

signs of mental disorder

The reasons that can cause such ailments are a huge number. Let's focus on the most common.

  1. Neuroses. Even the most basic anxiety exhauststhe nervous system of man. We often draw in the imagination various horrors, imagine unimaginable things, and then it turns out that they were worried in vain. That such anxiety eventually can lead to a significant mental disorder.
  2. Neurasthenia. Often appears as a response to the constant impact of any traumatic situation. A greater propensity to such an ailment is a person with increased anxiety, a sense of duty.
  3. Depression. Constant sadness, refusal to eat, unwillingness to do something, apathy to everything often lead to drug use, alcoholism, suicides.
  4. Chemical and toxic substances.Drugs, poisons, food ingredients, heavy metals, alcohol lead to exhaustion, a lack of vitamins, respectively, to the development of psychoses.

Signs of a mental disorder

To the characteristic symptoms of this or thatdisorders include disorders of mood, behavior or thinking that do not fit into existing norms. To other signs that will be visible to the patients themselves or to people around you, you should add:

  • physical symptoms (pain, insomnia);
  • emotional symptoms (anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.);
  • Cognitive impairment (memory impairment, inability to think clearly);
  • behavioral signs (aggression, inability to perform daily functions);
  • hallucinations.

neuropsychiatric disordersEach disorder is characterized by specificsigns. If in one case a person has a deviation in behavior, then in another situation one can observe even such kinds of thinking disorders as a violation of his dynamics (slowness of speech), operating part and motivation. In the early stages, it is very important to seek medical help.

What is dangerous about paranoia?

On this disorder it is necessary to sharpen separatelyattention, since it has not yet been fully studied, and medicine does not have any effective ways to adjust it. The peculiarity of the ailment is that before the onset of the terminal phase, there are no signs of the disease. This leads to its progression, because the patient does not seek help.types of thinking disorder

Symptoms of paranoia

Paranoid is a person who constantlythere are delusions. This can be expressed in excessive suspicion, unfounded distrust of others. People with this diagnosis are able to clearly perceive the emotional background of other people, but that's true, they can not interpret it. Sometimes the mere trifles for them are of great importance, and even with negative coloring.

For example, paranoid-this is the person who is in the most harmless personwill suspect a terrorist or a maniac. He will be sure that he unerringly "calculates" all of the "worst plans" of a regular passer-by. If a man with such a diagnosis is jealous of his wife, then nothing will be impossible to prove to him, and he himself is able to bring his wife delirious to a heart attack.mental disorders of a person

What is the behavior of a paranoid?

People with such a mental disorderare constantly inclined to criticize someone for no reason, but they do not tolerate any sort of statements in their address. However, even so, they behave relatively adequately, without showing excessive aggression. Paranoid is a person who is not haunted by hallucinations or any special deviations visible to others around which one might suspect an ailment.

Yes, relationships with people around you are paranoiddifficult because of deviations, but this does not prevent them from thinking logically and being quite active socially. In addition, if such a person builds his own logical chain, then it will be so perfect and precise that it will not be possible to find any flaw in it. However, the basis of such conclusions is mainly based on suspicion, which is why it absolutely does not correspond to the present state of affairs.paranoia

When can paranoia appear?

Most often, the manifestation of such a disease is observedin adulthood, in middle-aged people. However, paranoia, like many other psychiatric disorders, is laid in childhood. For example, it's not a secret for anyone that small boys and girls, as a rule, are never in one very friendly team. And how do the children react when a boy and a girl are put in school at one school desk? It may seem to them that this way the teacher makes a special effort, trying to mock the guys or punishing them for this or that offense.

And later, after some time, when alreadyheterosexuality develops, the situation changes and gets a different direction. And if the psyche of a person could not pass successfully through this period, but was "stuck" in it, then the risk of getting paranoia in the future is very high.

Paranoid is the person you needTreat as soon as the first alarming symptoms appear. The main methods of treating this ailment are in psychotherapeutic courses. They are carried out individually with each patient.

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  • Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders Paranoid is who Neuropsychiatric disorders