Pink pepper: properties, features, application

Pink pepper: properties, features, application

Today there are many condiments, amongwhich are very popular variety of pepper. This product is in great demand. Among the wide assortment you can find not only white, black and sweet pepper, but also pink. Of course, this spice appeared on the shelves relatively recently. However, it quickly gained popularity. It is worth noting that the seasoning has nothing to do with pepper. It looks very much like him. However, pink pepper, the aroma of which differs significantly from other condiments, has a not very pronounced acute pepper

Where does it grow?

This seasoning is the fruit of the tree of the chinus,which grows in distant Brazil. Despite the confusion with the name, pink pepper is widely used in cooking. After all, this spice has a unique taste that combines the sourness of cranberries and the shade of anise.

The tree can be found, of course, not onlyin Brazil. This plant also grows in the USA. It can also be seen in Australia, Paraguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico and the Hawaiian Islands. However, pink pepper is mainly supplied from the island of Reunion. Seasoning is made from the fruits of several varieties of wood of the chine: soft and pistachio. The last plant is small in size. As a rule, the pistachio sapling grows no more than 10 meters in pepper fragrance

What is this spice?

As already mentioned, pink pepper is a mixture offruits of several varieties of the chine. In shape, as well as to taste, berries resemble the usual pepper. Thanks to this spice and got its name. The red and pink shade of fruits makes them more similar to cranberries than with classic peppers.

In fresh form, pink pepper, the aroma of whichcauses appetite, is not much like the widespread spices. He does not have a burning taste. On the contrary, it is slightly sweet. Of course, after eating berries there is a aftertaste, which can only be compared with the root of ginger. However, this is not an accurate description. In the flavor of the seasoning there are almost imperceptible notes of anise and menthol, as well as a slightly tar smack. Pink pepper peas are a very unusual spice. And this applies not only to his taste, but also to the bell pepper

How to preserve the taste?

The smell of pink pepper is simply unique. Prepared seasoning in a very unusual way. To preserve all the gustatory and useful qualities of the product, the fruit of the tire should be dried, which is carried out by deep freezing, pickling or pickling.

However, while the spice gets to the counters of ourcountries, it is further processed. As a result, from the real taste of this spice, practically nothing remains. To reveal the unique aroma and taste of spices, it is necessary to dry it a little on a small fire. This can be done with a conventional frying pan. At the same time, you do not need to add oil.

There is another way that allows you to uncover the taste of pink pepper. Spice can be ground to a powdery state. In this form, the seasoning must immediately be added to the dish.the smell of pink pepper

Pink pepper: application

Fruits of a chine usually use in cooking. In many countries, this seasoning is added to various sweets, confectionery and beverages. In addition, pink pepper is very often added to sauces, salads, to dishes with seafood, poultry, meat and fish. Some popular restaurants serve asparagus, seasoned with this particular spice.

Pink pepper is very often added to variousmixture. In such a composition, the spice improves the taste of almost any dish. Recently there has been a popular seasoning such as "Four Peppers", which is a mixture of white, green black and pink pepper. The last component in this composition practically loses its aroma. After all, in grinded form, pink pepper is not able to retain its taste for a long time.

Do not forget that this seasoning, even in fresh form can not be stored for more than 6 months. You should also know that pink pepper in large quantities is toxic.

Useful qualities of spices

Pink pepper not only allows you to make anydish is fragrant and spicy, but also has useful properties. First of all, the spice has a positive effect on the digestive system. Very often, pink peppercorns are used to treat diarrhea. In addition, the seasoning allows you to improve the performance of the cardiovascular system. Often, pink pepper is used for diseases such as rheumatism, gout and various types of pepper application

The fruit of the chine is also used in the manufactureessential oil. For medical and cosmetic purposes, pink pepper is used with extreme caution, since there is a risk of skin irritation. In some cases, an allergic reaction may occur.

From eating dishes with pink pepper it is worth to refuse to those who suffer from a stomach ulcer or gastritis. This spice can strongly irritate the mucosa. This can cause an aggravation of the ailment.

How to choose the right seasoning?

If you still decided to purchase an exoticseasoning with an unusual taste, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the berries. Fruits of a high quality chine should have a shiny surface and a bright tint. In this case, berries should be not only round, but also large enough. Do not buy seasoning if the package contains a lot of black or gray grains. This indicates a poor quality of the product. Naturally, the benefit of such a seasoning is unlikely to bring.

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  • Pink pepper: properties, features, application Pink pepper: properties, features, application Pink pepper: properties, features, application Pink pepper: properties, features, application Pink pepper: properties, features, application