Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address

Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address

The ancient city of Bryansk is very comfortably located onright bank of the Desna River from 985. One of the first annalistic references to it dates back to the year 1146. But the diligent archaeologists managed to unearth the Chashin Mound - an ancient settlement in the mouth of the Bolva River. And this gave grounds to say that the Slavs settled here and built their fortifications already to the Xth century. And after the Mongol-Tartar Chashin came to these lands, the mound was destroyed and rebuilt on the Pokrovskaya Hill.

From that moment on, Pokrovsky began his historyCathedral. Bryansk also began its further development from this very place. This mountain began to be called so because in the city fortress the church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin was built. Since then, until the XVIII century in Bryansk Pokrovskaya Mountain was considered the center.

Intercession Cathedral of Bryansk

How the Intercession Cathedral looked: Bryansk

On the photographs of the beginning of the 20th century that have survived to this day, one can discern the ancient fortress walls.

In 1500, the Bryansk diocese was abolished, and the cathedralwas transferred from the Spaso-Grobovskaya church to the wooden church of the Intercession of the Bryansk Fortress. During the troubles of the XVII century, Bryansk was bordered, and the fortress became its most important fortification, which defended the western borders of the Moscow state.

The main voivode (from 1618 to 1619) then was Boryatinsky Vasily Romanovich. He was from the descendants of Prince Roman Bryansk and Chernigov. Boryatinsky and became the initiator of the construction of a new stone church instead of the dilapidated wooden, mentioned in 1526 as a serf. Under the patronage of his relative, the landowner Alymov, Eustace Timofeevich, who had power and had considerable means, he began to build a church. Finished the same building itself Alymov ET, who went down in history as the creator of the cathedral.

Pokrovsky Cathedral Bryansk Photo

New life

When construction began, on the site of the former foundation workers found old bricks dating from the 14th century. Hence we can conclude that the Intercession Church existed even then.

Upon completion of construction in 1698The majestic two-story five-domed church was rebuilt. The lower tier of the first floor (called the warm throne) was consecrated in honor of the Metropolitan of Moscow. Alexia, who, while in Bryansk in his time, served the Liturgy in the Intercession Church. But the upper tier of the second floor (the cold church) was consecrated in honor of the Protection of the Holy Virgin.

The scheme for the construction of the Bryansk Pokrovsky Cathedralwas traditional, but still it had interesting features. Four of its domes were not located in the corners of the walls of the four-door, as was customary in some Russian churches, but were built around the walls of the central dome and oriented to the sides of the world. Proportions, decor, placement of windows, shutters with niches were borrowed from residential architecture. In the style of intertwined traditions of the period from the XVI to XVIII century, the type of brick five-domed besstolpnogo two-story church.

Pokrovsky Cathedral in Bryansk photo where is located

Dorogobuzhsky regiment

In 1798, the Bryansk Cathedral became the Preobrazhenskayaa church that belonged to the Savior-Polikarpov Monastery. Pokrovskaya at the same time becomes a parish church. A year later the temple was rebuilt, then the dilapidated bell tower and side chapters were dismantled. The new bell tower was attached to the temple on the west side.

In 1876, the Intercession Church became attached toNovo-Pokrovsky Cathedral on the Pokrovskaya Mountain. And from that period all the services in the church were performed by the regimental priests of the Dorogobuzh regiment, whose barracks have been preserved to this day. Today in this building is the Bryansk Theological School and the Diocesan Administration.

In the Revolution of 1917, the property of the tsarist armypassed into the hands of godless new power. The temple was closed, all decoration is destroyed, and the dome and bell tower are demolished. Here was the archive of the October Revolution.

Intercession Cathedral in Bryansk address

A new spiritual life

Closer to the 70th year, when the building of the church began to crumble, it was decided to restore it on the project of E. Kodisov. After the restoration, the Regional People's Creative Center was located there.

Exactly one thousand years after the Baptism of Rus inthe state policy of the former USSR there were serious changes in relation to the Orthodox Church. People ceased to be persecuted for their religious beliefs, and temples and monasteries began to open all over the country.


In Bryansk, at the request of parishioners under the leadership ofPS Podduev first opened the Intercession Cathedral. In 1991, the city authorities transferred him to the perpetual use of the ROC. And on May 24, 1991 Bishop Paisii consecrated the upper Pokrovsky chapel, and a new spiritual life of this beautiful and majestic cathedral began.

Two years have gone by arranging the iconostasis and writing icons. In 1993, to the Bright Resurrection, with the blessing of Bishop Paisius, divine services began to be performed here again.

On February 25, 1995 the Archbishop of BryanskMelchizedek again consecrated the lower church in honor of the miracle-worker of the Holy. Alexei (Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia). In 1996, the upper chapel was consecrated in honor of Bryansk saints Oleg and Polycarp, where the Sacraments of Baptism of adults and children began to be performed.

Pokrovsky Cathedral Bryansk reviews

Address of the Intercession Cathedral in Bryansk

In the temple are kept such relics as the relics of St. vmch. Panteleimon, St. Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra, Luka Crimean, the Patriarch of Moscow. Tikhon.

In the temple there are many more shrines, and especiallythe icons of the Virgin "The Inexhaustible Chalice" and "The Three Hands" are venerated by the parishioners. They treasure these shrines very much and receive inexplicable spiritual joy from the prayers of holy saints.

About the Intercession Cathedral of Bryansk reviews from allvisitors are very different - depending on who went there for what. People come here from all corners - who pray, who will feel the historical course of time, and no one remains indifferent to this holy and namolennom place.

Many are also interested in the location of the Pokrovsky Cathedral in Bryansk. His photos are placed at different times above, and now we present the address: Pokrovskaya Gora 2, Bryansk, Russia.

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  • Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address Pokrovsky Cathedral: Bryansk, history, address