Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices

Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices

A comparatively new invention is an explosion-proof composite cylinder, which is increasingly purchased by consumers to solve various problems associated with the need to use gaseous fuels. It is based on a polymer, which, in everyday life and production conditions, pushes out the metal. Metal analogs gradually become obsolete, they are dangerous, and their use is inconvenient, so experts advise to replace them with modern high-quality polymer cylinders that are sold with a guarantee from the manufacturer.


A modern composite polymer-based balloon is a sample of a product for storing and transporting gas. Such cylinders are designed to not pose a hazard to human health and the environment during operation. It is noteworthy that in the event of a fire such products can not cause an explosion, which is a single-stage emission of gas in a large volume into the external environment. This can happen with metal cylinders, however in modern products, a gradual reduction of high pressure through the housing occurs, and the combustion of gas in the fire is carried out in a natural way. Thus, the gas is issued gradually, burning and preventing the possibility of an explosion.

composite cylinder

Composite cylinder is also easy to operate. The material, which is called fibroglass, is of high quality and is used to reduce the weight of the balloon. As a result, it is possible to form transparent walls, which allow you to monitor the gas level and monitor fuel consumption. You will no longer run into problems that were previously expressed by the fact that the gas could suddenly end.

Composite cylinder is durable, it is made of impact-resistant material, which is resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. The material does not react with fuel and environmental elements. This indicates that it can last for many years without being corroded or otherwise destroyed.

Quality of ecological safety

Perhaps, every person knows what a metal gas cylinder looks like, but not everyone can imagine what kind of design a polymer bottle has. If you purchase the last product, you can fit it into the interior of any house, as it has an attractive design and aesthetic appearance. It is impossible not to mention environmental safety.

Today, there are many devices, a huge amount of equipment and technology that make a person's life easier and easier. Many forget that the objects surrounding us should be safe.

composite gas cylinder

According to the conducted studies, it can be said with confidence that composite cylinders cause much less harm to the environment in comparison with metallic analogues. They are supplied with high-quality valves and components by the type of reducers, which eliminate the leakage of fuel and are able to last for a long time. Among other things, a composite gas cylinder is much easier to dispose of.

Scope of use

Modern gas cylinders open many possibilities for using this equipment. It can be used in dacha, home, industry and business. Suitable cylinders for tourists and motorists, among other things, they can be used for construction and repair work, as well as for heating and cooking.

polymer composite cylinders

Description and cost of a composite cylinder of the brand Ragasco LPG 12,5

If you are interested in a composite gas cylinder, then you can familiarize yourself with its features by the example of Ragasco LPG 12,5, which has a volume equal to 12,5 l. Its height is 299 mm. The charged gas can be not only butane, but also propane, and the weight of the propane to be contained is 5 kg. As for butane, it can be placed in this container in the amount of 6 kg. The weight of the cylinder itself is 3,4

The manufacturer took care of the safety and provided the device with a fuse-link and a valve with a safety valve. Such composite gas cylinders, the price of which is approximately 5900 rub., Are made of fiberglass yarns covered with epoxy resin. Such products are explosion-proof, they are designed in accordance with the standards of impact resistance, this makes them shock-resistant and resilient.

composite gas cylinders price

Description and cost of the cylinder of the brand Ragasco LPG 18,2

Polymer-composite cylinders are becoming more common in recent times, as an alternative solution you can consider Ragasco LPG 18,2, pay for which will have about 6300 rub. Its volume is 18,2 l, and the height and diameter are equal to 460 and 306 mm, respectively. As a refueling gas, butane can also be produced, as well as propane, as in the above-described case. The weight of the propane to be stored is 7,5 kg, butane - 9 kg. The balloon itself weighs 4 kg, and it can be used in the operating temperature range from -40 to + 50 ° C.

polymer composite gas cylinders

Description of the tank Ragasco LPG 24,5

Polymer-composite cylinders are now available for sale in a wide range, as another option is Ragasco LPG 24,5, whose value is 6590 rub. The capacity of the tank is 24,5 l, but the height and diameter are equivalent to 571 and 306 mm, respectively. As for propane and butane, they can be placed in a container in the volume of 10 and 12 kg, respectively. The balloon itself has a negligible weight, but it differs from the two above-described variants and is 5 kg. Its operating pressure is 20 bar, and the operating temperature of the medium varies within the same range as in the variant described above.

cylinders of composite materials

Why choose a polymer-composite ballon for metal-composite and metal products

Composite gas cylinders, the price of which is available for the modern consumer, are more preferable compared to metal-composite and metal cylinders. This is due to their light weight, which is less than the metal weight by 70%. If it is a metal-composite cylinder, then its weight is considered average. Among other things, such a function of the visibility of the gas level is very important for both industrial enterprises and for private use. Manufacturers have taken care of this and made polymer-composite cylinders transparent, whereas the two analogs described above do not differ in such qualities.

Polymer-composite gas cylinders have another advantage, which is the absence of corrosion. If you buy a metal bottle, then the material can be damaged from the inner and outer sides, whereas the metal-composite products are corroded only from the inside. Shock resistance of polymeric composite containers is increased, but metal can easily be damaged, if it is metalcomposite, their impact resistance is average.


By the way, it can be noted that cylinders of composite materials are more preferable both for domestic use and for operation in industrial conditions. This is due to the lack of sparking, but the metal cylinder does not differ in this quality, which is especially dangerous for transportation.

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  • Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices Polymer-composite cylinder: description, prices