Princess of video blogging - Natalia Kissel

Princess of video blogging - Natalia Kissel

Youtube provides viewers with interesting personalities,which by popularity can be compared with telestars. Natalia Kissel is a well-known blogger whose number of subscribers is close to one million people. Who is this girl and what is the concept of her channel? Let's find out!


Those who are familiar with the channel Natalie, very muchher biography interests. Natalia Kisel was born in the city of Vladimir. She celebrates her birthday on August 25. How old is Natalia Kissel? The girl does not focus on her age, but it is known that she was born in 1989 - at the moment the blogger is 27 years old.

Natalie's childhood was like her childhoodpeers. She, like many teenagers, was fond of video games and emo subculture. At school the girl was given a good English, but the exact sciences, as the blogger admits, were too tough for her. In the family, Natalie is not the only child - she has a younger sister, Lara.

наталья кисель

The path to blogging

After graduation Natalia Kisel startedwork as a hairdresser. Creative nature and good taste were a great help to her in this area. Natalie has never been afraid of experiments with appearance, and to this day loves to dye her hair in unusual colors.

The girl created the channel on Youtube back in 2010,but it was not immediately possible to shoot the video. At first she was a simple spectator, and the beloved persona on video hosting for Natalia was the British blogger Zoella. It was she who inspired the heroine of our article to start making her own videos. At first blogging was just a hobby for Natalia, but now he became the main occupation of the girl, where she directs her creative activity and self-realization.

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Video Ideas

Natalia Kissel shoots commercials about cosmetics,unusual dolls, which she collects, and purchases. Particularly Natalie adores cute stationery, which she never spares money for. Also the girl takes part in the sessions and tries out strange products or food from different countries. In addition, Natalie often shoots videos about her cosmetic favorites. With Natalia Kissel willingly cooperate well-known cosmetic brands, such as NYX, Lush, Essence.

The main direction of the heroine channel of our article- creation. It shows how to make for yourselves, for example, funny icons for a backpack or colorfully draw up a personal diary. Natalia Kissel from early years with pleasure led the diaries, recording there experiences, dreams, memorable moments and lines from your favorite songs. Now she gives ideas on decorating notepads and personal diaries to her audience.

Mostly, Natasha is watched by young girls and girls,but for the creativity of the creative vladimirchanka with pleasure watching and some guys. Enthusiastic viewers often send their beloved letters and parcels, which Natalia demonstrates unpacking in her videos.

how many years in Natalia kissel

Personal life and second channel

Natalia Kissel is a bright girl who is not afraidstand out from the crowd. It never adapts itself to someone else's opinion, although caustic commentators constantly criticize it for being too childish and infantile. However, the truth is not on their side, because Natalya is not at all frivolous. The girl has been married for several years. Her husband Valery Timofeevsky professionally engaged in interior design and willingly helps his wife to make a video. Valery and Natalie do not like souls in their pets: cat Nicky, chinchilla and guinea pig. They touchingly care for them and about each other.

In 2015, the young couple opened the second channelon Youtube, which is called NatalieAndValere Vlogs. There they lay out the taxes about their daily life in a cozy Vladimir, meetings with friends and trips. Natalie prefers home nest fussy street, so the profession of a blogger is ideal for her. However, the girl from time to time travels around the world with her husband, because the new impressions give her positive emotions and inspire her to new videos. For example, recently, the couple visited Scotland and England.

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Another social network, which with pleasureblogger Natalia Kisel uses, - "Instagram". The girl has several hundred thousand subscribers, and this number is constantly growing. Her pictures are full of original ideas, rainbow colors and spectacular camera angles. The photoblog of the girl is so interesting that it can be considered for hours. Pampering the followers with new frames Natalie helps her husband Valera, who seriously takes a great interest in photography.

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