Residential complex Birch Alley

Residential complex "Birch Alley"

In the picturesque Ostankino district of Moscowthe residential complex (LC) "Birch Alley" is being built. Quarter of cozy apartments is located near the natural park "Valley of the Yauza River", the estate Sviblovo and the main botanical garden of the Russian Academy of Sciences between Yaroslavl and Altufevskoe highway.

A huge advantage of the complex is the modern concept - "yard without cars." For them, underground floors are being built.

"The Birch Alley"

A bit of history

In 2015, the developer of LCD "Birch Alley"trusted a third-party company to sell their apartments. But in the spring of 2017 it was decided to sell the apartments on their own. Previously, the complex was renamed into the "Legendary Quarter on the Bereza Alley".

Each building was named. And it was the name of the famous athlete (and even now alive).

Stages of construction

According to the documentation, there are only two. The first will be the surrender of the eighteen-story building with the name of the water polo player Yevgeny Grishin. His settlement will begin at the end of winter 2018.

The second stage of the construction of the "Birch Alley" complex should be completed by September 2019. By this time will be built three buildings of 18 floors and one seventeen-storey.


The houses are built according to modern monolithictechnologies. The facades are made ventilated, and the upper floors have panoramic glazing. On the front walls of the buildings, the boxes for the external blocks of the split systems have been designed.

Each corps is planned to be equipped with modernengineering system, whose work will be carried out in an automatic mode, but under the control of the dispatching service. In each apartment it is supposed to conduct Internet, television and telephone. For private cars of tenants underground parking is allocated.

LCD "Birch Alley"

Observation is an obligatory attribute of the Berezovaya Alley. It will be round the clock, which will provide the necessary level of security for the residents of the complex.

For the courtyard, interesting and unconventional landscape ideas have already been thought out. Tracks are planned to be made both pedestrian and bicycle.

Housing problem

According to documents, apartments in new buildings"Birch Alley" in each section is planned from 13 to 22. Entrances are not separated from each other by a wall, so the corridor can seem endless. In each building three elevator halls are designed.

To pick up the apartments, you can not only by cost and footage. The developer offers other attractive parameters. For example, studio apartments are designed as a small area (32 m2), and rather significant (51 m2). Three-room apartments benefit from a successful layout.

Social sphere

To the metro station "Botanical Garden", the nearest tocomplex, only 10-12 minutes of unhurried course. There is also an easy metro in this area. She goes to the VDNKh station. The commissioning of the first building is also planned to finish the construction of the station of the Small Ring of the Moscow Railway. It is planned as a single transport and transfer hub. The school, kindergarten and several chain stores are also located within walking distance. If there is a need for global purchases, then you can visit the "Golden Babylon" center. Before him, drive no more than 10 minutes.

"Birch Alley", new building

The first and second floors of the residential complex "Berezovaya Alleya" will accommodate gyms, cafes, hairdressers, shopping centers, etc.

By the end of the summer of 2019 in the LCD is planned to openfitness center. But the center of water sports will become the hallmark of the quarter. There will be many sections for children and adolescents, as well as the sports school of the Dynamo water polo club, a large swimming pool and an arena for international competitions.

Organizers of the Center offer to children to be engagedthe first year without paying a fee, but further benefits will be granted only to young athletes showing outstanding results. The rest will have to pay the full cost of the lessons.

The territory of the Berezovaya Alley is planned to be closed, so an electronic system will be organized.

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