Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features

Restaurant "BumBarash" (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features

Many people like to celebrate important events orMeet with friends in good restaurants, where you can eat and have a good time. In Krasnodar there is a large number of such institutions. One of them will be discussed later. Restaurant "BumBarash" (Krasnodar) is very popular among the residents of the city. His address, menu, features, as well as testimonials of visitors we offer to your attention further.


restaurant bumbarash krasnodar

Restaurant "BumBarash" (Krasnodar) is located onKrasnaya street, 143/3. It is one of the central in the city. Nearby is one of the most beautiful fountains of Krasnodar. In the city there is another institution with the same name - "BumBarash" (Krasnodar, restaurant). "SBS Megamall" is a large shopping and entertainment complex in which the institution is located. It is located on the street Uralskaya 79/1, 2 floor. This place has always attracted great attention not only from local residents, but also visitors from other cities. The restaurants of the "BumBarash" network have similarities and differences, but the most important thing is that they know where they are good in Georgian food and real wines.

Operating mode

How do these two institutions work? Opening hours of the restaurant on Krasnaya Street look like this:

  • From Monday to Thursday and Sunday - from 11.00 to 24.00. On Friday and Saturday the opening hours are somewhat different: from 12.00 to 02.00.
  • The restaurant in "SBS Megamall" opens from 10.00 on any day of the week. The closing hours are the same as in the institution on Krasnaya Street, 143/3.bumbarash restaurant krasnodar

Restaurant "BumBarash" (Krasnodar): features

In any institution there is something attractingattention of visitors. In some - exotic cuisine; in others - interesting entertainment programs; others offer a large number of discounts and promotions. What attracts the townspeople "BumBarash" (Krasnodar)? The restaurant meets the most diverse requests and meets high standards. The institution specializes in Georgian cuisine. The menu has a large number of delicious national dishes, vegetarian, as well as lean.

What about the interior of this place? Warm, chocolate shades as well as possible help create an atmosphere of lightness and comfort. Everywhere there are ceramic vases, jugs, carpets hang. Many items were brought from Georgia itself. The institution not only conveys the national flavor, but also responds to the most modern trends. A large number of people come here for pleasant emotions and excellent mood. In warm weather, many visitors like to relax and eat food on the summer verandah of the restaurant.bumbarash krasnodar restaurant menu

"BumBarash" (Krasnodar, restaurant): the menu

In this institution you can eat delicious, satisfying and at quite affordable prices. Let's consider in more detail what the restaurant "BumBarash" (Krasnodar) offers in the menu.

Hot appetizers

  • Kubdari - a closed pie with lamb and Georgian spices.
  • Khachapuri in Adjarian.
  • Baked eggplants with veal.
  • Champignons with suluguni cheese.
  • Kinkali with chicken and smoked cheese.
  • Saburani in Georgian. This is a cheese cake made from different kinds of cheese.
  • Khinkali with lamb.

First meal

  • Harcho.
  • Shurpa.
  • Borscht is Megrelian.
  • Georgian fish soup and other dishes.bumbarash krasnodar restaurant address

Second courses

  • Medallions of veal.
  • Baked goose stomachs.
  • Entrecote from pork.
  • Rack of lamb.
  • Steak from oily fish.
  • Trout baked on charcoal.
  • Chacondreli made of veal cheeks.


  • Raspberry pie.
  • Baklava nut.
  • Pistachio "Napoleon".
  • Ice cream with different flavors: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio.
  • Caramel dessert.
  • Delicious homemade jam: from rose petals, walnuts, mulberries.

When preparing dishes, a largethe amount of all kinds of spices and seasonings. From the mere smell of prepared dishes the head can go around. In the menu there are amazing for their taste and smell sauces: tkemali with cherry plum; pomegranate. Here you can taste the famous Georgian wines: Hvanckaru, Kindzmarauli, Saperavi and many others. When preparing dishes, cooks use only fresh products and real Georgian dishes. It will be interesting to find out about the prices in the institution. The average bill starts from 1000 rubles. For convenience of calculation with buyers there is a non-cash settlement.

Guest Reviews

Citizens like the Georgian restaurant "BumBarash" forpleasant atmosphere and delicious cuisine. It is so easy to relax and relax from the bustle of everyday life. Friends, colleagues, family members will be grateful if you invite them to visit BumBarash (Krasnodar). The restaurant (the address we indicated at the beginning of the article) will surely please you, and you will return here again and again.

The aroma of cooked dishes causes their desireimmediately try. Cooks are real masters of their craft, they cook very quickly and deliciously. Waiters with each client work as the most beloved and long-awaited guest. The restaurant is ideal for family gatherings, romantic dates and business meetings.

Fans of the East will certainly appreciate the presence ofinterior of objects of national life. The wine card is able to please not only ordinary visitors, but also real connoisseurs of Georgian alcoholic beverages.

Are there any negative reviews about this institution? Despite the large number of positive, negative, unfortunately, there is. But there are very few of them. Some visitors note the problem with parking. Sometimes people are displeased with the fact that there are no free tables, but in order to avoid this, it is necessary to book a place in advance. In this case, the problem can be solved very quickly.bumbarash krasnodar restaurant sbs

The magnificent cuisine of the restaurant "BumBarash" and the soulful atmosphere will make your evening unforgettable.

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  • Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features Restaurant BumBarash (Krasnodar): reviews, menu, features