Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank

Several ways to transfer money from "Tele2" to a card of Sberbank

A modern mobile phone has long beennot just an apparatus for calling and sending SMS. Today, gadgets perform the role of both a handheld computer and even a means of payment. Not long ago, with the help of a mobile phone, additional earnings became available. Every day there are all new applications that allow you to organize additional income in any free time, regardless of the location of the user. Earned money is enough not only to use mobile communication, but also for other needs. Therefore, users are more interested in how to withdraw the money received? Today, almost all operators provide this service. This article will consider how to transfer money from "Tele2" to the Savings Bank card.

A new service of the federal operator "Tele2"

Each financial service provider has services in the country.

transfer money from tele2 to a savings bank card

With the option "Money Transfers" each subscriber can transfer money from "Tele2" to the Savings Bank card. In addition, the service includes the following operations:

  • transfer of money to a bank account;
  • transfer of funds to plastic cards of any bank;
  • payment for the services of the Post of Russia;
  • making money transfers to Contact, Unistream, Leader, Anelik and Close.

It is possible to translate "Tele2" not only to Russia, but also to the countries of the former Soviet Union.

How can I withdraw money from "Tele2" to a Sberbank card using the new option?

translation of tele2

The service works in two ways. You can make transactions online and using SMS. It should be noted that there are special payments that are made only through SMS.

Withdrawal of money via the Internet

In order to transfer money from "Tele2" tocard of Sberbank, it is necessary to log in on the official website of the operator. In the tab, select the language with which to translate, then click the label of the corresponding plastic card and fill in the suggested fields and forms. On the same page, you must specify the subscriber number from which the funds are debited.

There are no special difficulties here. Each field has a tooltip. At the end, the full amount to be debited will be indicated, including the commission. Additional information is placed on the sides of the main field. The service website from "Tele2" is located at To fill out the form, you need to use pop-up hints.

withdraw money from tele2 to a savings bank card

To translate "Tele2" it is possible and by direct link - After filling in the standard form:

  • the phone number from which the money will be written off;
  • amount of payment;
  • plastic card number (any payment system is available: MasterCard and VISA, cards can be credit and debit).

In one of the fields the commission for the service is registered. After checking the correctness of the fields, click the appropriate button and the money order will be sent.

Money transfer via SMS

In order to transfer money from "Tele2" to the Savings Bank card, using short messages, you must perform one of the following actions:

  • send a short message to number 159 with the text: "card (space) 1234567812345678 (space) amount";
  • execute the USSD command "* 159 * 1 * card number * amount #";
  • send a message with the following content: "rek (space) amount (blank) account number (space) Name of the recipient (blank) bank details" to number 159.

The amount in all cases is indicated without kopecks. There is no charge for SMS on number 159.

Money transfer in the mobile operator's office

to transfer money from tele2 to a savings bank card

This is an additional way. In the office of "Tele2" from the consultant fill out a form in which to indicate your own data and the size of the transfer. After processing the application, the money will be sent. Transaction will take no more than five working days.

Specified limits and tariffs

To all transfers from "Tele2" to the bank accountthere are limitations. The minimum amount allowed to the transaction is 50 rubles. Maximum transfer (within 24 hours) - 15 000 rubles. For a day you can make no more than ten transfers. On the mobile account should remain more than ten rubles after the operation, in order to avoid blocking the phone.

For the provision of this service, the operator chargesCommission. Usually this is 5.75%, plus forty rubles. That is, small amounts of transfer are unprofitable. The commission does not reduce payment, but it is calculated in excess of it.

The speed of receipt of money on an account depends onselected sending method. If the transfer is postal, then the money will arrive in the bank not earlier than four days later, the maximum period is eight days. The remaining translations can take two to three days, but usually come in a few minutes.

The operator warns that transferring money from"Tele2" to the card of the Savings Bank you can only those that have been credited to the account. A variety of bonuses and other bonus points during the transaction will be unavailable. To find out the amount that Tele2 is ready to transfer from a certain number, you can use the command * 104 #.

The service "Money Transfers" is available to subscribers"Tele2" with prepaid billing and a sim card for at least 60 days. Customers who pay invoices after the fact, can not use this service.

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  • Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank Several ways to transfer money from Tele2 to a card of Sberbank