Sony Xperia M2 D2303: reviews and review features

Sony Xperia M2 D2303: reviews and review features

Only in the model line of smartphones from SonyHarmony began to appear, as it immediately collapsed thanks to the decisions of marketers. Everyone already knows that the Z series is represented only by flagship gadgets, but what is the line called M? Everyone may think that these are original devices that have a large number of innovations. But this is absolutely not so.

sony xperia m2 d2303


Considered by us a smartphone Sony Xperia M2D2303 is the continuation of the M line, which the world saw in 2013. The first model occupied a budgetary niche, was small in size and plump, rather unattractive. The general with the flagships of the Z line absolutely nothing. As for the second model, called Sony Xperia M2, then everything is a little different here. But let's start by reviewing the technical characteristics of this gadget, which are as follows:

- Operating system: Android OS, version 4.4.2 with a properly developed shell.
- Screen: in the diagonal of 4.8 inches, IPS, 540x960 pixels, capacitive, multitouch up to 8 points, pixel density 229 dpi.
- Processor: 4 cores, 1.2 GHz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8926, ARM Cortex-A7.
- Graphical processor: model Adreno 305.
- RAM: 1 GB.
- Flash memory: 8 GB (available for downloading 5 GB).
- Support for memory expansion: microSD card up to 32 GB.
- Connectors: microUSB 2.0, micro-SIM, headphone output 3.5 mm.
- Camera: main 8 Mp (autofocus, flash), front with a matrix of 0.3 Mp.
- Communication: Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, Bluetooth 4.0.
- Battery: polymer, Li-Ion, 2330 mAh.
- Optional: accelerometer, gyro, light and proximity sensor, digital compass.
- Dimensions: 140х71х8,6mm.
- Weight: 150 g.

With all the above characteristics can be donethe conclusion that Xperia M2 D2303 is a middle-class device, which it is positioned by the company itself. But it's worth making a small note in the form of value. As for Sony products, the smartphone has an average price, but for such money it's easy to buy a Chinese-made flagship.

sony xperia m2 d2303 reviews


"Meet on the clothes ..." - so begins alla famous proverb. And it touches everything that surrounds us. For this reason, we will begin a detailed review with the appearance of the Sony Xperia M2 D2303. Feedback from users and experts this indicator is very good. In fact, we can say that you can buy this gadget boldly only for one appearance. Marketers have acted very sensibly: they took the form factor of their flagship, made it a bit smaller in size and shoved a much weaker stuffing. This is how M2 was born.

Taking in hands Sony Xperia M2 D2303, it is possible to notice,that it is made of very nice to the touch plastic. Unlike its Z line counterparts, the "emka" does not have an oleophobic coating that would protect it from contamination and the appearance of prints.

The edges around the screen fit very well into the overall view. Their width makes it easy to use a smartphone with one hand. Also, the front side does not have physical buttons.

In the middle of the right end is a companypower button. Nearby is the volume control and the camera power button. At the very bottom of the right end there is a stub, under which are hidden SIM card slots and memory expansion.

The upper end is occupied by the headphone jack, and the left one has only a microUSB output. From the bottom, except for the slot for the microphone and the groove for the strap, there is nothing more.

The rear panel has Sony branded inscriptioncenter and name below. At the top there is a camera and a flash. If you look at all from a distance of about three meters - it's almost poured Z2, only the dimensions are slightly smaller.

This gadget is produced in three colors: purple, black and white. They are absolutely no different than the end of the names: Sony D2303 Xperia M2 White, Black and Purple.

smartphone sony xperia m2 d2303


The screen of the Sony Xperia M2 d2303 in the diagonal has4.8 inches. Thanks to a good TFT-matrix, when rotated, the image distortion is not very noticeable. Brightness and contrast of information output on the screen are very encouraging. Naturally, such a screen can not be called advanced, but for the average price class it is quite good.


The heart of the smartphone is a processor forname Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 model MSM8926. It has 4 cores and a working frequency in the standard 1.2 GHz. Such parameters have almost all gadgets of the middle price category. Video processor Adreno 305 due to low resolution "pulls" almost any game without suspending. Crowned all this stuffing RAM 1 GB. In general, pretty good. And yet Sony Xperia M2 D2303 is in the middle class niche, but its cost in the entire mobile gadget market can be equated with the flagship models.


The main camera is the matrix on8 megapixels. It has a 4x digital zoom and the ability to record HD video. Plus, everything is bundled with a package of additional programs for working with photos, support for 36 preset scenes in automatic mode and autofocus.

The front camera can not boast anything. It has a matrix of 0.3 Mp, which is quite enough to establish a video link. For more it's no good, but thanks to Sony.

sony xperia m2 d2303 black

Operating system and software

As an OS in the Sony Xperia M2 D2303 Black andother color schemes apply Android 4.4.2. Initially, this smartphone had an earlier version of the operating system, but it was updated in time, so it became much faster and less demanding. In general, nothing remarkable. The only thing I would like to draw attention to is the proprietary shell from Sony. It is she who gives the features.

As additional software everything is also maximally standard: video player, music player, games, etc. A set of additional utilities for photo processing is also standard for Sony smartphones.


As a source of autonomous power in thisThe smartphone uses a battery that has a capacity of 2330 mAh. The smartphone Sony Xperia M2 D2303 reviews got good mainly thanks to the battery. Such a battery in combination with a special STAMINA mode allows:

  • talk on the phone for more than 14 hours;
  • keep the phone in standby mode up to 693 hours;
  • listen to music for 57 hours;
  • View video with an average screen brightness for 8.5 hours.

These indicators are very pleased fans and partially justified a little overpriced.

sony xperia m2 d2303 purple

User Reviews

User reviews for Sony Xperia M2 D2303got different. It's all about the different tastes and devices that they used before. So, for example, after purchase some people are inconvenient with the use itself because of the size of the smartphone. But you quickly get used to it. As for the case (especially purple), all users in one voice say that it is beautiful, bright, but, in turn, very quickly becomes contaminated. This problem can be solved by purchasing a cover. Very good feedback was given to the battery, which, with moderate use, can keep the phone "alive" for 3-4 days.

If we highlight the shortcomings that were noticedhappy owners, so it's the camera. Home does not pull on the claimed 8 Mp (maximum 5 Mp). In this case, the images are dark, unpretentious. The front camera also displays an image very dim. For this reason, it is recommended to take a camera for shooting separately, and hold this one for any fire situation.


As a conclusion of this review of Sony's gadgetXperia M2 D2303 Purple and other colors can be said that in general it is not bad. The performance of the gadget, form and capabilities are very pleased with all. But, as always, the cost of the device becomes a barrier. Well, for everything you have to pay your price, and the smartphone Sony Xperia M2 D2303 is no exception, where only the brand itself is attacked by about 20%.

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