Swiss Visa Application Center

Swiss Visa Application Center

In vain among many of our citizens is widespreadthe opinion that it is very difficult to apply for a visa to this country. Please contact the visa center of Switzerland, and this problem will be solved. With minimal effort on your part.

A single visa is generally easy to obtain, it is not necessaryresort to help, no travel companies, no other intermediaries. And if you have a complete package of documents for each trip, you can count on getting a multiple Swiss (Schengen) visa.

Swiss Visa Center

In principle, everyone can collect everything himselfthe necessary documents, sign up through the telephone center for admission to the visa department of the Swiss embassy, ​​come there at the appointed time, hand over the documents, pay for the services and then return to the embassy in the specified time, stand in line and get a passport with a visa.

But if you value your time and wish to avoidnumerous mistakes, act as the Swiss Embassy in Russia advises. They are recommended to apply to the visa center of Switzerland in Moscow, which is located at 23.2 Podsosensky Pereulok, Moscow, 105062. The operator of visa centers is VFS Global.

The mechanism of the applicant's visa activities is as follows. Choose a visa category that depends on the purpose of the trip, fill out the application form and collect all necessary documents for the embassy. After that, by phone or on the site you sign up for an appointment in the visa center of Switzerland. You can come without recording, but then there is a possibility that you will spend a lot of time standing in line. You hand over your passport, application, photos and other supporting documents. Pay for cash visa, service and optional fees, get receipts.

On the website of VFS Global, you can track the status of your visa application.Visa center of Switzerland in Moscow

You can pick up a passport with a visa, here at the visa center or, having paid in advance, to order delivery of the passport by courier.

Cost of services: for citizens of Russia, the visa fee is 35 euros, and the service fee of the center is 23 euros.

Turning to the visa center in Switzerland, do not forget about the minimum package of documents that must be provided for the embassy.

This is a passport and a copy of it, a questionnaire, photosSchengen, medical insurance, hotel booking confirmation or apartment rental, certificate from your place of work and financial documents, such as an extract from a bank account.

Also, copies of correctly used Schengen visas and copies of electronic air tickets will not be superfluous.

The staff of the center will always advise you andwill advise which documents need to be brought or altered / corrected. And you need to be prepared for what the Consul himself wants to talk to you and invite you to an interview.

Swiss Visa Center

Having received information that the visa is ready, go to the visa center. Switzerland is waiting for you, you can start packing.

Contact information of the Swiss visa center in Moscow, including its e-mail address and telephone number, can be found on the website. Calls will be answered between 9:00 and 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

Turning to the visa center of Switzerland, remember about Russian and Swiss holidays. That is, try to hand over documents in advance, with a margin, so as not to have any problems later.

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