The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not

The all-wheel drive "GAZelle": to buy or not?

At the moment, low-tonnage commercialcars "GAZelle" are very popular on the Russian market. There are many modifications of these machines: minibuses in freight and passenger performance, manufactured goods and isothermal vans, onboard platforms and even refrigerators. But several years ago the Gorky Automobile Plant decided to go even further and developed a full drive for them. And if earlier "GAZelle" had a wheel formula exclusively 4х2, now it is all-wheel drive, with the formula 4х4. But how much benefit do we get from this, how much do we have to pay for such an upgrade?all-wheel drive gazelle

Arguments for"

The main advantage of using suchcars is the ability to deliver cargo to any destination. Where there is no mono-driving small tonnazhka, there will pass all-wheel drive "GAZelle". Thanks to the 4x4 wheel formula, you do not have to worry about whether the car will reach the destination with a load or get stuck somewhere along the way. The use of such trucks is particularly relevant in rural areas, where there are no asphalted roads. The all-wheel drive "GAZelle" can start from any place, despite the absence of roads, without slippage. However, do not always rely on the car - in many ways passability depends on your driving skills and level of difficulty of the route. But in any case, all-wheel drive "GAZelle" will be more passable than its mono-drive "sisters".all-wheel drive gazelle price

Arguments against"

Together with the advantages, the 4x4 drive haslimitations. Firstly, in order to cope with the fording, it is necessary to have a special experience driving four-wheel drive vehicles. That is to such a "GAZelle" you have a very long time to get used to. In addition, as experts note, such cars have increased wear on aggregates and components. This is due to the high load that occurs during the passage of an off-road route. At the same time, fuel consumption is significantly increased. As indicated in the passport data, the all-wheel drive "GAZelle" (model 330273) consumes about 9.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. Of course, this is very hard to believe, but if you estimate that mono-drive in practice consume about 13-14 liters per hundred, creeps in doubt. Well, in general, fuel consumption increases by 10-15 percent, so consider this factor in advance when buying low-tonnage vehicles.

How much is the all-wheel drive "GAZelle"?

The price directly depends on the type and modification of the car (and there are more than a dozen of them). Therefore, below is the cost of "GAZel" model 330273 "Farmer".

  1. 630 thousand rubles. For this price, you will purchase a gasoline version of GAZ-330273, equipped with a motor from the Ulyanovsk Motor Plant (UMZ-4216) with a capacity of 106 horsepower. The transmission is a five-speed "mechanic".
  2. 653 thousand rubles. The same modification, only in addition is attached gas-cylinder equipment such as "methane".
  3. 775 thousand rubles. So much is the diesel "GAZelle" with 120-strong American engine "Cummins" (Cummins) volume of 2.8 liters. The gearbox is the same.all-wheel drive gazelle model

As you can see, the price is slightly higher than usual, therefore,if you do not have an extreme need to use "GAZelle" 4x4, it's better not to buy it. Well, if the terrain simply does not allow the use of a mono-drive truck, that's just the full drive is indispensable.

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  • The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not The all-wheel drive GAZelle: to buy or not