The best in the world vodka Gray Goose

The best in the world vodka "Gray Goose"

Vodka is one of the most respected beverages in the world. It is appreciated for its cleanliness and excellent taste. Periodically, in different countries, exhibitions are held, on which a winner is determined from a rather impressive number of applicants. In the past few years, the first in the list of the best products has always been recognized as "Gray Gus" vodka. What is the secret of such popularity of this drink? To answer this question, you need to know about the product in more detail.

Product Description

For the first time, the "Gray Hus" vodka was introduced to the world in1997. The idea of ​​creating this drink belongs to the head of Sidney Frank Importing Co. To develop the recipe, he turned to the famous French cognac master Francois Thibaut for help. This alliance was very successful, and soon a new drink was submitted to the court of the competent jury.

vodka gray gus

Experts unanimously gave this product to thehighly appreciated. Already in 1998, the vodka "Gray Gus" won its first award. The famous Testing Institute recognized it as the best in the world. Since then, the drink does not give up its positions. What is special about this vodka? It consists of only two components: alcohol and water. It is their vodka "Gray Gus" that owes its quality. Alcohol is obtained from the grain of winter wheat, grown in Picardy, near Paris. Its five-fold distillation is also produced here. The water is taken from the spring, located at a depth of more than 150 meters in the province of Champagne. After mixing, the composition is passed through copper filters, which practically exclude the possibility of the appearance of any precipitate. After such processing it is impossible even to doubt the quality of the product.

Vodka 0,75 liters

A famous drink is produced in specialbottles of different capacity. Quite often on sale there is vodka "Gray Gus" 0,75 liters. It is easy to recognize, first, by an unusual container. The bottle is made of frosted glass. The impression is as if she had just been taken from the freezer. The thin neck is blocked with a stopper and covered with a dense foil of dark blue color. This creates an additional cool effect.

vodka gray goose 0 75

The main decoration of the bottle is its label,on the front side of which the sea waves are depicted, beating against the snow-covered rocks, and a flock of gray geese flying to warmer lands. Just below the picture is the name of the product Vodka Gray Goose with a note that it is made in France. On the reverse side there is full information about the drink. Those who happened to try this vodka say that it is very easy to drink. And due to the unusual multiple cleaning of her the head does not hurt at all.

Product Reviews

Over time, and reached Russia vodka "GrayGus ». Reviews about this product are just positive. It has everything that is especially appreciated for the primordially Russian product: crystal clearness, pleasant taste and complete absence of extraneous odors. According to the tasters of different countries, this drink can be confidently called elite. No wonder he repeatedly won the International Championships in the nomination "Best taste of the year". Over time, the manufacturer decided to slightly expand the lineup of the new brand.

vodka gray gus reviews

So on sale there was a vodka with new aromas:

  1. Gray Goose La Poire with the addition of Angevin pears and almonds.
  2. Gray Goose L'Orange, where against the background of the fragrance of flowers there is a pronounced taste of sweet oranges.
  3. Gray Goose Le Citron with a delicate lemon flavor, grown in Menton in the South of France.
  4. Gray Goose Cherry Noir with a scent of black cherry.
  5. Gray Goose La Vanille, the taste of which is formed from a mixture of cinnamon, vanilla and caramel.
  6. Gray Goose Le Melon. This drink appeared last (a year and a half ago). The fragrance is taken from a special type of melon, grown in Provence.

Each of these products was highly appreciated not only by professional tasters, but also by ordinary citizens.

Vodka 0,5 liters

Many people like the "Gray Hus" vodka. The price of 0.5 liters of such a drink in Russian stores is 1245 rubles. This product, perhaps, can be called one of the most popular. First, it has the usual volume. Five hundred milliliters is a standard tare size for any strong alcoholic beverages. Many have already become accustomed to it and do not want to change their minds. Secondly, it is this vodka that is produced in the classical version, without foreign odors and flavors. Although in the aftertaste there is a weak note of almond, but it does not spoil the overall picture. Drink can be consumed in its pure form or used as a basis for the preparation of various cocktails or other complex drinks. The product has a standard strength. The alcohol content in it does not exceed the prescribed 40 percent. Biting such a classic is better than the most exquisite products. For the French they are foie gras, frog legs, truffles or snails, and for Russians - most likely caviar.

Custom size

The company's assortment list has productsof different volume. Not quite familiar to our buyer is the "Gray Hus" (vodka) 1 liter. It costs more than 2000 rubles and is also available in the classical version. In the West, such dimensions are considered quite normal. In principle, such a product is very convenient for drinking in a large company. For convenience of operation, the neck of the bottle is provided with a special dispenser. With it, you can fill even the smallest glasses and piles. On sale there are liter packages of vodka with a melon flavor. It even appears on the front of the label. And in the sky, gray geese still fly. In addition, a 1 liter product is made with a cherry flavor.

gray goose vodka 1 l

In this case, the label shows juicyberries, which spins the flow of crystal water. Any of the described goods is worthy to try it. At the same time a lot of pleasure and pleasant sensations will be guaranteed. And you can not be upset because of the high price. The product is really worth the money.

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  • The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose The best in the world vodka Gray Goose