The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list

The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list

For an ambitious and purposeful person,who wants to achieve world recognition before starting his ascent to the summit of Olympus, it is important to study the labor market proposals, to analyze what are the highest paid professions in Moscow and other cities of the country, what kind of remuneration the real professionals receive their reward.

In this article we will analyze the mosthighly paid professions in Moscow 2013-2015. But even if your position is not included in the list of the most highly paid - this is not an excuse to get upset. There is no limit to perfection, and you can succeed in any professional industry.

The highest paid professions in Moscow

the highest paid profession in MoscowObviously, the highest salarymanagers of enterprises, top managers of organizations, top management in commercial organizations and state structures receive. The managing director of the investment bank has a salary of $ 3 million per year. The annual earnings of the presidents of oil companies is more than 2 million. Analysts, chairmen of boards of investment banks, marketing directors receive about 1 million dollars a year. The success of the company as a whole depends on how competently they organize the work of the organization, how the strategy will be implemented to promote the product.

What distinguishes a person who claims to bea specific position, from many others? The ability to combine technical knowledge with management skills, creativity and non-standard thinking will always be in high esteem. But do not forget that the chances of getting into the management of a bank or an enterprise are negligible. Therefore, it is worth considering the highest paid professions in Moscow of a lower order.

Accountants, IT-specialists

highly paid jobs in MoscowOne of the main specialists of any enterpriseis an accountant, a person without which, in principle, the organization of financial allocation is impossible. His duties include the preparation of periodic reporting, the assessment of taxes, the maintenance of the archive of financial activities, control of expenditure and income. Applicant for this position must have a higher economic education, as well as work experience in this specialty for at least three years. What to do graduates with no experience, is unclear.

Accounting activities are honorablea place in the list under the name "The most highly paid professions in Moscow for women". A qualified specialist who occupies the position of chief accountant in a solid company can receive more than 200 thousand rubles a month.

the highest paid profession in Moscow 2013Given that the demand for informationtechnology is constantly growing, there is a constant computerization of society, the demand for specialists in the field of IT-technologies is not quenched. They are able to do many things: create software for the organization of the supermarket, prevent information leakage, organize the network, protect it from hacking, ensure the operation of important sites and Internet services. The most highly paid professions in Moscow in the field of IT technologies are the professions of programmers and web developers. Their salary is from 60 to 200 thousand rubles a month.

Area of ​​jurisprudence

the highest paid profession in Moscow for girlsAnother important link of any company islawyer. For the fact that he will be able to defend the rights of the company, it will help to maintain balance on such a thin and unstable boundary of the law, he is ready to pay from 35 to 100 thousand rubles a month.

What can be called high-paidprofession in Moscow in this field of work? A high salary is received by a lawyer on directives - this is a person who deals with financial papers of the enterprise. Another interesting position in the field of jurisprudence is an adviser to a law firm. Such a person can receive both scanty fees for consulting a firm, and quite incredible rewards just for using his name in advertising. This profession requires intellectual expenses, usually such people have several academic degrees.

Managers and marketers

Employers are valued by people who are spinningbrands, deal with advertising issues, in every way promote the product on the market. Meet: before you marketers. Their salary can be 50 thousand rubles a month.

the highest paid profession in Moscow for girlsManagers are different, but they all getgood salary. HR managers are ready to pay 45 thousand rubles a month. Employees who are able to analyze the quality of goods, make purchases, analyze the situation on the market, pay from 35 to 50 thousand. There are also risk managers who are well aware of the situation on the market in times of crisis, control, analyze and reduce various risks. They are ready to pay 500 thousand rubles a month.

Even if you have absolutely no experience in thissphere, but the language is well suspended, you can unobtrusively persuade a person to use the offered service, you can become a sales manager. Their monthly rate is about 50 thousand rubles.

the highest paid profession in Moscow without experience

Production sector

Production was always in high esteem and stood onhigh level. Now you can meet many psychologists, sociologists, designers and lawyers, and very few really talented engineers, people who can take over the management of the shops. They can rightfully claim a salary of 80 thousand rubles.

It is believed that in the future engineers will be included in the list"The most highly paid profession in Moscow," especially engineers in the development and maintenance of medical equipment. American researchers have estimated that by 2020 the number of vacancies will increase by 61% compared to the current situation.

The highest paid profession in Moscow for girls and women

What first comes to mind when it comes to women's professions? A nurse, a teacher, a hairdresser or a manicurist. But there are other areas where female labor will be well paid.

Purposeful woman can always openown business. And it does not matter which industry, most importantly, that there is a business grasp, hard work. Of course, girls and women do not seek to open their own tire service or auto show, they prefer to do the beauty salon, hairdresser, wedding salon. Women are successful in selling toys, jewelry, cosmetics, handicrafts, such as embroidery, knitwear, souvenirs. Here you can not sit still for a minute, you need to constantly move forward, establish contacts, organize the work of personnel, otherwise you can not cope with competition.

Services sector

the highest paid profession in Moscow for women

In the service sector, women are undoubtedly valued, after allthey are more accommodating, they quickly find a common language with clients, they are less in conflict. Stewardesses, administrators of cafes and restaurants, human resources managers are the most highly paid profession for women in Moscow. The list can be listed for a long time.

Good wages are earned by mastersnail service, cosmetologists and make-up artists, fitness trainers and nutritionists. For example, having experience, own circle of clients, full solid hand and developed imagination, the master of manicure is able to earn monthly 90 thousand rubles. A very good salary, which many men would not refuse.

Where to go to work without experience?

As you know, now without any work experience anywhere. But still where to go to work, hardly having graduated high school or college? What are the highest paid professions in Moscow without work experience?

As in Moscow, and in any other city, you canget a copywriter. This is a person who, in accordance with the requirements, writes literate texts for companies. Monthly earnings can reach 40 thousand rubles. The position of call-center operator is also not required by work experience. If you are able to talk beautifully about the sights of your native city, have a good diction, you can get a guide, where it is possible to earn about 50 thousand rubles a month.

Requirements for applicants

What are the general requirementsemployers? For leadership positions, they are always very high. This is the presence of higher education, and competent knowledge of foreign languages, undoubtedly, you need experience in this area. Also skills and practical knowledge in the field of management and jurisprudence are welcomed.

For any high-paid position, a personshould have high stress resistance, be prepared for irregular schedules and work on weekends. But, as they say, without difficulty you will not catch a fish from a pond.

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  • The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list The highest paid professions in Moscow (2014). Highly paid professions in Moscow: list