Ufa, 21 hospitals: address, offices, registry

Ufa, 21 hospitals: address, offices, registry

21 clinical hospital (Ufa) - multidisciplinarya medical institution that annually provides highly qualified assistance to more than 40,000 patients, which carries out more than 18,000 operations a year and has the opportunity to simultaneously receive 1075 people in a hospital. The structure of the hospital includes 21 clinical, 12 paraclinical departments and a polyclinic, the doctors of which take about 1000 people for a shift. City 21 hospital (Ufa) is one of the largest medical institutions in the city.

Ufa 21 hospital


The medical institution has both an emergency andplanned assistance to the population: in the first variant - around the clock, in the second - as they are recorded at the reception. On what schedule do patients in such an institution as 21 hospitals (Ufa) receive? The reception, which is located on the first floor, has all the necessary information about specialists and hours of work, and it is here that the reception is recorded. You can register for a regular reception every day from 8:00 to 15:40, except on holidays and weekends. The clinic accepts from 8:00 to 22:00, and the emergency room and the waiting room - around the clock.

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21 hospital, Ufa: offices

In its structure, the medical institution hasthree services, a polyclinic, a head trauma center and a regional vascular center. Each division is a separate narrow-profile structural unit with staff and equipment:

  • The structure of the surgical service of 21 hospitals includes 10 narrow-profile departments and operating units.
  • The therapeutic service has 9 treatment departments, 2 anesthesia and resuscitation department, intensive care unit, intensive care unit, nursing department.
  • The paraclinical service includes 12 departments and laboratories.
  • The polyclinic receives the population in 9 departments in 7 specializations.
  • Regional vascular center.
  • Head trauma center of the 1st level.


Department of Neurosurgery is designed for 80beds, is provided with equipment and medical material, and in the state, neurosurgeons of the highest category prevail. Every day, they have planned and emergency care for patients with diseases and injuries of the peripheral and central nervous system, carry out minimally invasive operations for trigeminal neuralgia and spine pathologies. The department works under the supervision of Academician V. Afanasyev.

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Ufa, 21 hospitals: gynecological department

Thanks to highly qualified staffthe women's department is one of the best and renders all kinds of medical assistance to more than four thousand women of the city and the Republic of Bashkortostan every year. In the department are treated women with inflammatory processes, complications associated with pregnancy pathology, oncology and diagnosed with "infertility." In addition, surgical treatment of the appendages and uterus is performed by laparoscopic or laparotomy operations.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Annually in the department is treated more than 1500patients sent here from district medical institutions, as well as delivered by ambulance teams in an emergency. Doctors perform daily operations to eliminate various types of pathologies in the maxillofacial area, remove benign neoplasms, and treat purulent inflammatory diseases.

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Purulent surgery

The department specializes intraditional and invasive operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity, mammary glands, endocrine organs in patients with purulent processes of different localization. Among patients entering the treatment, more than 30% suffer from diabetes mellitus. Doctors of the department perform unique operations in diabetic foot syndrome with preservation of the supporting function of the limb.

Vascular Plastic Surgery

Here an emergency operativeintervention with acute thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of veins and arteries, with hand injuries with blood circulation disturbance, with traumatic limb amputation. Also in the department carry out planned aesthetic and reconstructive operations.


Doctors specialize in treatmentdiseases of the perineum, rectum and colon. Operations are conducted in an emergency and planned manner using modern equipment and gentle methods. Treatment of hemorrhoids, pararectal fistula, anal fissure, benign and malignant colon formations, inflammatory processes - all this is possible in Ufa. 21 hospitals use such modern methods of treatment and surgical intervention as radiosurgical and ultrasound scalpel, transanal microsurgery, laparoscopy, endoscopic technique.

Otorhinolaryngological department

21 hospital of the department of UfaSince 2003, the department providestreatment, both planned and urgent, for patients with abnormalities of ENT organs. Every year more than 2000 patients are provided with qualified assistance, at least 3,000 operations are performed. Physicians practice exclusively sparing methods of treating pathologies of the ear and nose. Endoscopic endonasal rhinosurgery has recently been used.

Traumohortopedic department

Modern methods of treatment, introduced into the department in 2001, allow to carry out rather complicated operations with fractures of the extremities:

  • rod osteosynthesis in fractures of tubular and pelvic bones;
  • DBV and DMV in vertebral fractures.

Practice is the use of transpedicular fixators in the treatment of fractures of the lumbar vertebrae.

Urological department

Qualified urology departmentthe male population (Ufa) enjoys. 21 hospitals have the ability to perform about half a thousand surgical operations per year, most of which are classified as reconstructive-plastic and complex. Doctors successfully use minimally invasive and endourological techniques, microsurgical method and transurethral resection.

Allergic department

At the same time, the department can take in a hospital40 people (that's how many beds there are). During the year, 1000 or more patients undergo medical treatment and nebulazeroterapiyu with bronchial asthma, hives, seasonal exacerbations of rhinitis, angioedema and other allergic reactions. Allergologists-immunologists and nurses of the highest category work in the department staff.

Gastroenterology department

The department provides qualified medicalAssistance since 1982. City Hospital 21 (Ufa) accepts patients for counseling with complaints such as nausea, vomiting, heartburn, frequent eructations, constipation, diarrhea, increased or decreased appetite. Doctors of the department determine the causes of such abnormalities by various diagnostic methods (ultrasound, X-ray, endoscopy, ERCP) and prescribe medication with the help of medications and physiotherapy procedures. The department has 60 beds for a 24-hour stay in the hospital and 4 for a day hospital.

21 clinical hospital of Ufa

Paraclinical service

With the staff of the paraclinical service there are 11 branches:

  • Receiving and diagnostic department.
  • Chemical and toxicological laboratory.
  • Branch of radiation diagnostics.
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratory for out-patient patients.
  • Department of hyperbaric oxygenation: in the department, oxygen treatment is performed.
  • The outpatient hemodialysis department is designed for simultaneous renal replacement therapy for 8 patients.
  • The department of blood transfusion provides the material of the department of GKB 21.
  • Separation of ultrasound and functional diagnostics.
  • Department of physiotherapy.
  • Endoscopic department.

Polyclinic ГБК № 21

Since 1982, in the structure of GKB 21 appearedpolyclinic. To date, it is considered one of the largest multidisciplinary medical institutions among similar ones. It includes narrow-profile departments (cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, endocrinology, otolaryngology, trauma-orthopedic), as well as two therapeutic departments, preventive and physiotherapeutic. In the surgical department, you can get advice and treatment from an oncologist, urologist, coloproctologist and surgeon. Female consultation of 21 hospitals (Ufa) is engaged in conducting pregnancy: women are provided with receptions and consultations of an obstetrician-gynecologist and other specialists, drawing up of an exchange card, instrumental and laboratory examination.

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Regional vascular center

RSC № 2 ( Ufa, 21 hospitals) provides emergency round-the-clock help to patients with cerebral stroke and acute coronary syndrome. Here patients with unstable angina, myocardial infarction arrive. Doctors of the center use in practice endovascular methods of treatment, systemic and selective thrombolysis, conduct neurosurgical operations and reconstructive interventions. The structure of the center includes seven branches:

  • Receiving and diagnostic.
  • Department of X-ray surgery and diagnostics.
  • Cardiological (60 conventional beds and 12 cardiovascular).
  • Neurological (60 conventional beds and 12 neuroreanimatsionnyh).
  • Neurosurgical.
  • Department of Vascular Therapy.
  • Department of resuscitation and intensive care.

Also in the RIC there is an advisorya polyclinic where an angio-surgeon, a neurosurgeon, a neurologist, a cardiologist, a department of radiation and functional diagnostics, an organizational and methodical department and operating units are receiving.

Head Injury Center

Traumatic center of GKB 21 refers to medical institutionsthe first level. Its main activity is focused on providing a full range of medical services to victims of road accidents. In the trauma center, patients with isolated and multiple injuries are delivered, which are accompanied by a shock condition and other physical and psychological complications. The structure of the center includes such diagnostic departments:

  • department of blood transfusion;
  • Department of ultrasound;
  • Department of tomography and X-ray;
  • endoscopy department;
  • clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Narrow-profile treatment departments:

  • surgical;
  • Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation;
  • traumatology department;
  • neurosurgical department.

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