What is a ger

What is a ger?

The word "gera" has different interpretations. For example, what is a ger, the dictionary of the ancient mythology of Rome and Greece says that the given name had a deity. The female goddess Hera personified the continuation of the clan and femininity.

Below we will talk about the goddess Hera, the derivatives of Hera's names and also about the other meanings of the word Hera.

Hera the Goddess

In ancient Greek mythology, Hera is the wife and sister of the most powerful god, Zeus. It was believed that Hera and Zeus had one father - the god Kronos. Hera is the most powerful of the goddesses of Olympus.

The fact that she and Zeus had many disagreements,shows that there were times when the cult of men existed in parallel with the cult of women. These cults were equal among themselves and strongly competed. Although this goddess represents femininity and is the patroness of marriage, she is merciless towards her rivals, in addition, she is jealous and cruel.

Many myths perfectly show howjealous and sophisticated was Hera, what troubles sent to the mistresses of Zeus, as well as their children. Since Hera protects marriage, her vengefulness extends not only to her husband's infidelity, but also to those who try to seduce her. Such a fate befell Ixion, who sought the love of Hera - for this he was overthrown in Tartarus and chained to the ever-rotating spinning wheel of fire.

Also, Hera was considered the patroness of the woman who gave birth. The cult of this deity spread throughout Greece, and at the moment there is more than one temple dedicated to Hera.

In addition to learn about the goddess and what Hera did, you can see from the article What was Hera.

In the modern world, the word "Hera" is used as a name.

Hera - a woman's or a man's name?

The female name of Hera is of Greek origin and is translated as "strong". In addition, Hera can be a derived name from Gertrude.

Hera is also a male name, derived from Herman or Gerasim.

Hera in WoW

The concept of "hero" is also used in the role-playing gameWorld of Warcraft. Here it means a spell of shamans, which allows you to increase the speed of casting spells for the whole group or the attack speed. It allows you to set the debuff for 10 minutes on all targets. After death, the debuff usually disappears.

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