Which is better - Xiaomi or Huawei Which phone to choose

Which is better - Xiaomi or Huawei? Which phone to choose?

In 2016, Huawei became the leader in the sale of phones. Its popularity is constantly growing. Her technique is stable, and there is no doubt that with time the quality will only increase.

Competitor Xiaomi not so well advancedin his career, but in China this company is entering the Top-5 on sales. Due to some characteristics in the territory of the former Soviet Union, devices from this developer are loved and appreciated.

For many people these companies are on the same level. And most buyers are not able to determine which manufacturer is better and whose smartphones are more popular. Consider in the article many nuances to understand what is better: Huawei or Xiaomi.huawei or xiaomi which is better


Both companies represent an extensive rangemodels, but Huawei in this issue is the leader - the manufacturer has more smartphones. Most of the devices from Xiaomi are too primitive, their main part is monotonous. Almost all devices are made of aluminum. In the range from Huawei there are plastic, glass and metal options.

Own chipsets

The company Huawei is currently the third in the world, which creates its own hardware and uses it in smartphones. Goes in the list after "Samsung" and the American "apple".

Due to the fact that the chipsets are releasedindependently, the developer does not depend on suppliers. In addition, it reduces the cost of devices. Also, this idea allows you to maximize the optimization of mobile devices and quickly equip them with constant updates. Accordingly, when answering the question: "Which is better: Huawei or Xiaomi?", The first option should be noted.which is better xiaomi or huawei

Official Representative Offices

Both on the territory of Russia and Ukraine there arerepresentative office of Huawei. In this case, if talking about Xiaomi, then the developer has dealt only dealers. Due to the presence of numerous branches, it is possible to make products as accurate as possible for a certain region as precisely as possible. This increases sales and expands the market. In addition, customers always prefer to contact specialized service centers. It is much easier to repair the "Huawei" phone than the "Xiaomi" under warranty.

Work on cameras

Huawei has long been committed totake a leadership position in the market of camera phones. Of course, it's impossible to say that their gadgets are the best in the pictures, but efforts are made to improve the matrix. Due to the fact that the devices receive modules from Sony, and the developer cooperates with Leica, the company has long been catching up on the quality of images and the number of sales of the same Samsung.

If to compare with "Xiaomi", then the models from thisthe developer is shot much worse, although they have similar characteristics. Accordingly, this nuance gives an unambiguous answer to the question: "Which is better: Huawei or Xiaomi?".

Network Compatibility

Huawei not only creates smartphones, butequips the market with camera accessories. When releasing phones to a specific market, the developer takes maximum care to ensure that the device works perfectly with the local network. In Xiaomi, this indicator also does not suffer, but some models do not support LTE.xiaomi or huawei phone is better

The cons of Huawei smartphones

Huawei smartphones have no critical and notable cons, but still some unpleasant features buyers highlight. It is about them that we will go further.

Confusion with models

Which manufacturer is better - Huawei or Xiaomi? The first, like the second, has its drawbacks. Consider them to answer the question.

Huawei, unlike Xiaomi, lovesrelease different versions of phones for many countries. Often, the same devices come under different brands. It also happens that the phones seem to be the same, but they differ in their filling, depending on which country they enter the market.

For example, the phone Honor 5C (manufactured under a subsidiary brand, but in fact is a creation of Huawei) for China received a fingerprint scanner, in the Russian version this option is missing.which phone is better xiaomi or huawei

On-screen buttons

Of all Huawei models, the touch keys underonly one Y3 II instrument was received by the display. All other smartphones work with on-screen options. This is an uncritical drawback, but many buyers do not like this decision. Therefore, when answering the question "Which phone is better than Xiaomi or Huawei?", The second option should be highlighted. After all, this company in the model line has only one similar phone - Mi Mix. All the rest are made with keys under the screen.

Problems with oleophobic coating

Developer Huawei clearly does not like to use oleophobic coating. Virtually all models do not have it. Because of this, water, dust, fats, fingerprints accumulate on the surface.

At phones from "Xiaomi" such problem does not meet. Coverage substandard, after a year or six months, but at least there is.which smartphone is better than huawei or xiaomi

High price

Which smartphone is better than Huawei or Xiaomi?

After Huawei beganto be in demand, she quickly raised the cost to her phones. Even with the fact that all smartphones are made in China, the price is for them, as if they are "purebred Koreans". Unfortunately, many buyers are not ready to pay for such a device, as for Samsung.

Why are Xiaomi smartphones better?

This company did not soar as fast as"Huawei", however in some nuances this manufacturer still wins. Consider all the features, advantages and disadvantages of the model range. This will make it clear which company is better.


Not all developers can compete with Xiaomi ona combination of the cost and quality of instruments. Direct competitors can be called unless the manufacturers of LeEco and Meizu. Most of the company's smartphones are sold for $ 300. For such a price, for example, the same devices from Huawei are almost impossible to find.


The phones have ordinary batteries, if they belongto the Mi series. All the other gadgets and phallets are equipped with powerful batteries. Even with the fact that their capacity is increased, still the thickness of the device remains at an excellent rate. Huawei has a small problem with this issue, as some models are too oversized.

Powerful Iron

Xiaomi is trying to marketphones with great functionality, but for little money. Cheap chipsets developers do not use. The only phone that can boast of such a feature is Redmi 4A. Its cost is $ 100, so the iron is rather weak. Accordingly, when examining which phone is better: Xiaomi or Huawei, it is clear that in this aspect the first is more successful.

Own ecosystem

Almost all phones that are manufactured by Xiaomi,have an ecosystem. This idea has long been used in Apple, but they have this technology is slightly differently implemented. However, some percentage of buyers the presence of the ecosystem still attracts.

Infrared port

The developers of Xiaomi specifically equip phonesinfrared port. At the factory, a special program is installed in the firmware, which allows you to adjust the operation of the diode. Due to this, the phone can be considered a universal remote control. It can be noted that everyone likes this technology, because now if the device is lost, but you want to switch the channel, you can call it. Considering this question, one can unambiguously answer the question, what is better than Huawei or Xiaomi. The second manufacturer, of course.

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