With what to wear beige sandals

With what to wear beige sandals?

Sandals women's beige is one of theuniversal footwear, which must be in your wardrobe. Their neutral color is perfectly combined with any other shades - dark or light, bright or pastel. In addition, this summer they are one of the most popular fashion trends. With what to wear beige sandals? Read more about this in the article.

For all occasions

Do you think that the most universal colors areblack or white? You are mistaken. Black sandals with a gently pink suit or white sandals with a dark purple dress will look out of place, because they will be strongly out of the overall range of attire. The exception will be only the case where the color of shoes will be met at least in the form of small inclusions - buttons, embroidery, accessories.

But if you pick up beige sandals so thattheir tone was as close as possible to the tone of the skin, then we can forget about these conventions. After all, shoes will practically dissolve on the leg. Beige sandals on a heel have one more significant advantage, which many ladies will like. This little secret was introduced and popularized by Christian Labuten - flesh-colored shoes visually extend the legs.beige sandals

Beautiful combinations

So, the sandals will be beautiful beigelook with any other colors. They are simply created in order to combine them with fashionable gentle pastel shades. For example, pink, mint, lilac, peach, gently blue.beige sandals

Muted natural shades of beige,olive, brown color will look perfect with beige shoes. With their help, it will be easy to withstand the outfit in the "safari" style, so fashionable in the summer.

But with a black, scarlet or deep blue color you will get a dramatic, but elegant combination. It will be particularly appropriate for special occasions.

Summer colors

Beige tights of tanned skin will beit is good to look with brighter and juicy colors - rich pink, blue, salad, coral. But with dark brown shades in this case it is better not to abuse, give preference to soft light tones.beige sandals with heels

Beige sandals and handbag can helpbalance the image and add a touch of restraint and elegance in a very bright summer outfit. By the same principle they can be worn with animalistic prints. After all, their companions in clothes and accessories should be as strict and concise as possible in order to avoid bad taste.

How to choose the perfect pair?

The type of sandals must match your figure. For example, if your legs are pumped up or just full of nature, it is better to choose beige sandals on a wedge or with a square square heel and a rounded toe. If you, on the contrary, are prone to leanness, then it is better to choose shoes that are light, neat, which will harmoniously approach your complexion. For example, beige sandals on a thin high heel and with a pointed nose.

Do you want to emphasize the length of your legs even better? Then, in addition to the color suitable for the tone of the skin, choose sandals with the maximum open lift of the foot. Give up flat soles - even a small heel will help achieve the desired effect and at the same time not create discomfort in the heat. In addition, it is more useful for foot health.

From theory to practice

Let's take a close look at what to wear beigesandals. Combining them with dresses, you can easily create gentle and feminine summer outfits. For example, for every day, the option below is perfect.beige sandals on a wedge

A dress of beautiful lilac-pink color, original accessories and beige sandals on a wedge are a beautiful and practical image for many situations.

But the dress of fresh mint color from light chiffon looks just as good.beige sandals on a wedge

Beautiful bijouterie and glossy luster of leather on sandals and a bag give it a twist and elegance.

It should be noted that shoes and accessories candramatically change the overall appearance. For example, a fairly simple dress of bright coral color becomes elegant, it is only necessary to put on beige sandals with a heel-hairpin.sandals in beige color

A delicate lace of peach color, on the contrary, becomes more mundane and relevant in everyday life, if you combine them with massive sandals and a rough bag.sandals in beige color

Fashion Trends

Summer fashion is difficult to imagine without a crop-topping. In her most carefree and laid-back manifestation her kimono in bright ethnic colors and corresponding costume jewelery also took its place. This fashion image competently combines these trends along with another essential attribute of summer - shorts with an overstated waist. To such clothes of accessories it is necessary a minimum, and they should not draw attention to themselves. Beige sandals on a heel and a capacious bag in tone is an impeccable choice.women's sandals

Lovers of more refined and elegant clothes can also safely stop their choice on a cro-top.women's sandals

Unlike the previous attire, here heis not made in the form of a laconic bustier, but in the form of a shortened lace blouse. A strict beige pencil skirt and lacquered sandals perfect it complement. Despite the fact that this image is sustained in almost the same color, it can not be called boring.

Another outfit that follows the latest fashion trends is based on gentle, pastel tones.women's sandals

Mike and shorts are a classic of summer fashion, butasymmetrical cut of the bottom, wreath of artificial flowers, round glasses - these are the trends of recent seasons. The color of the bag and shoes does not match, but it perfectly matches the color of the clothes.

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  • With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals With what to wear beige sandals